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Abortion Pro and Contra in Indonesia

Abortion is an act of terminating a baby in a human pregnancy. Abortion become viral thing among society, some say that abortion is fine but others say it is illegal. In Indonesia, abortion is considered as an evil thing. It is like killing other human and must be punished heavily. However, since number of population increase uncontrollable, some people begin to consider that abortion may be a fine solution to solve population explosion.

Statistic of abortion in Indonesia have not accurate counted number frequenly. But considered of the BKKBN, the case of abortions counted 2 million a year in Indonesia. Its mean that there are 2 million lives who killed for a year.

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Eventhough abortion is one method of birth control. Let’s look at the fact about the population problem in a country. When a country faces the problems of population explosion, the government should find methods to solve it. But since no method of contraception is one hundred percent effective and successful, abortion becomes the only way out when prevention fails.

On the other hand, abortion may cause many negative effects for women’s health. Women risk their health and lives in bearing the weight of the operation and its consequences. The most common complications are inflammation, interruption of menstrual patterns, infertility, endometriosis, myoma of the uterus, and many other kinds of ovary illnesses.

So far, abortions have become a dilemma for countries with a large number of citizens. On one hand, it can control the birth rate but on the other hand, it brings terrible consequences, especially for women’s health. Let's we see the statements of the abortion pro and contra.

Abortion Cons

-By all accounts, abortion appears like an awful crime. After all, abortion implies denying someone a well-deserved life. Just because the odds are not in our favor, can we deprive someone the chance to live?

-By terminating a life, can we justify our acts? A baby is often considered as a God’s gift, and it’s believed that every living being has a purpose behind his/her birth. By tampering with a life, aren’t we acting against the creator of the world?

-Having an abortion done always carries the risk of not being able to become pregnant ever again in life.

-Abortion can also lead to serious health complications, and in some cases the worst case scenario can be death.

-It often leads to unwanted memories, which can result into great stress and depression. Some women experience a feeling of guilt, which lasts for their whole lifetime. In short, abortion can turn out to be a lifetime worth of burden.

Abortion Pros

-Sometimes life can be really harsh on us. There are times when abortion may appear as the only option for the betterment. Although a mother may have a hard time opting for this option, she may eventually consider this soul-killing decision, keeping in mind all the pros and cons of this decision.

-At the end of the day, a mother has to go through the actual labor pain and other issues involved with parenting and juggling responsibilities. Others can’t precisely gauge or understand the level of trauma that a woman may be experiencing in her personal life. She is the only person who knows best, if she would be able to take care of the unplanned child or not. We all know that it’s merely impossible to raise a child without family support and finance in hand. To a great extent, the life of the baby depends upon the mother’s health.

-In some cases, medical emergencies compel a woman to resort to this action. There is a possibility that her own life might be at risk, if she delivers the child.

-Some of the rape victims can be minors. They wouldn’t be mentally or physically prepared to take care of the newborn baby. Why should such victims go through the ordeal of bearing a child, which is a product of some unfortunate incident of their life?

-Technologies have enabled disease detection amongst unborn babies. Giving life to an unhealthy baby and watching it suffer all day and night can be highly jeopardizing for the family as well as the newborn child.

-Can a woman be forced to produce a life? Giving life to an unwanted child might invite world of troubles for both mother and the child. So, are we being fair to the child?

Whether you agree or not, abortion will always play an active role in our society. In the US itself, more than 4000 cases of abortion are reported on daily basis. While for one, abortion can be a highly miserable experience, to the other, having a forced child can be a highly miserable experience. It’s impossible to go by a rule book, when it comes to dealing with an issue, where human lives are at stake. At the end of the day, a mother has every right to decide the next move of her life!

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