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Quality Time for Housewife

What is the meaning of quality time?

Some people have their opinion about quality time. Quality time means the time we have to do things that we loved, that can make us happier and feel relax. Quality time also means that we spending the time with someone. Its usually happen for young couple. But sometime we also need have quality time with family. Because our duty for a week at the office or for month or also for a year maybe.

Considering of that meanings about quality time. Its means that quality time not only for one person or for the people with curtain categorize. Quality time for all people. Everybody need quality time. Quality time become a right of a person, its to be the privacy of someone. There is no difference of rich people or not, young or old people, men or women, even whatever their jobs.

But there is a question, so how the quality time for housewife?
The observation of role of housewife, they have a job which is no different with the women who work in office. Even a housewife have no enough time for finishing their job in a house. The tasks of housewife are more than the woman in office. They must cleaning her house, cooking, caring for their children and husband. And that’s not enough for 24 hours. Its a job descriotion for real housewife.

But the emantipation of women give the right for women to work out the house. The higher education of women make the chance of working in a large position. Even the women have the higher position than the men in office. But it also make the women have more complicated job, in office and their house. For the women have a job out the house, there is an option to have an assistant in house. It is to help the job of women in house, include to take care their children. But it is a difficult choice for some women to give their children to assistant. This option just to make the woman feeling helpful for the job phisically, is like cleaning or cooking. But the woman must have their planning for arranging their necessary of family. It is make the women feel busy.

 Whatever the job of women, is she a real housewife or double role as a housewife and employee, so they need a quality time to their soul. The daily activity of women will make crazy. The women feels distressed by the never ending job. So housewife need quality time, for spending the time by herself or with family or someone. It is necessary for women to make their soul up again. The strenght of women is the motivation from their selves. So the housewife need quality time to feel relax and back again to their routinity for caring a home and its member.

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