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The Story of Inspirational Woman, Muniba Mazari

Muniba Mazari, the woman from Pakistan who lived on the wheel  chair. But the condition of life can’t make her give up with her life. She show for  the world that the imperfection should not be an option of failure for the dream of life. Her dream is to be a painter. Within her limitedness, she could be whatever she wants. Even she become the model that the others could not be.

She was wellborn in Pakistan, that the family still have the tradition that the good daughter is never say “no” to their parents. At that time, she was a girl on 18 years old, and her parent want to her married with someone who choiced by the parent. Of course, it was never a happy marriage. For 2 years later of marriage, she got an accident of car with her husband. Because of her husband felt sleepy while he drives, so the car losing the balance and go into ditch. Her husband can jump out and safe himself. But she was still inside the car with so many injured. The sleeve bone and cubic was factured, the backbone and the groin bone was factured. All the flank bones was factured. That condition make her be hospitalized for 2,5 months. The injury her back bones make her life was changed. The docter said that she can not to paint again, she can not to walk again, and the bad news that she can not to birth again.

In the middle of her broken hearts, she was started to question “why am I still alive?”. Some day she asked her brother to bring her some colours and small canvas to paint, because of she feel bored in the hospital. The first paint she was made in the hospital. By the painting, she could shared her sadness. She would be the good therapy for her self. At that time, she was decided that she want to live for her self. She would not going to be perfect for someone. She just want to take the moment and make it perfect for her self. She would to fight her fears. She wrote one by one all the things that make her fears. The biggest fears was divorced. But there were nothing but her fears. She was letting her self free by setting him free. And finally her husband get married again, and she sent him a text for greeting. The fears number 2 was she could not be the mother again and it was made her broken. But the realize many children in the world just need an acceptance. So she tough that there is no point of cry, just going to find and adobt one. That was she did.
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For the human who live on the wheel chair, the most painful if they think that they won’t be accepted by the people because in the world of perfect people they are imperfects. So she decided to more show in public, she started to paint, she has a lot of modelling campaign, joined the national TV of Pakistan as an anchor. She also become an ambasador of PBB for women of Pakistan and as speaker for the rights women and children of Pakistan. Her achievement in BBC years of 2015 as one of 100 an inspirational woman and Forbes Magazine in 2016.

Just about that story, we can learn that if you are accept just the way you are, so the world will recognize you. It is all started from the inside. We have some amazing fantasy about life. It should be going as my plan, this is my plan. But when it does not happen, we give up. Nobody wants to live on the wheel chair. But this life is a test and trial. We should not be think that the life will going to be easy. When you expect an easy from life, and the life give you lemon. We should not blame the life.

It is okay to be scared, it is okay to cry. Everything is okay, but giving up should not be an option. They always say that failure is not an option. But failure should be an option, because when you failed then you get up. You failed and then you get up. That is keep you going. Embrace is an every breath that you take. Celebrate your life, live it. Don’t die before your death. Real happiness is a life in gratitude. So be grateful be alive and live every moment.

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