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Women and Girls as Victims of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is all about trades of human for the purpose of forced labour, commercial sexual, or sexual slavery. The definition of transaction activity of human trafficking include : recruitment, transmission, transfer, accomodating or receiving. Its all doing with the threat, using strenght, or the others of compulsion likes : kidnapping,      mocking, abuse of power, abuse the victim position, and all this happen with giving or achieving remittance or payment (advantage) that can make bargain consciously for the purpose of exploitation.

The agent of human trafficking usually aim to manage the women and the girls to be their victims. Because the women and girls are object that can be exploited easily. The need of agent are in women and girls. They will not make any resistance, can be flattered easily, and more to be enticed.

These are some reason why the women and girls are to be easily exploited by the agent of human trafficking.

  1.  The bad family background. Family is one of the reasons why the women and girls more like to live in the street. If the condition of family around them is so nice, they will not make choice to go out from home. When the parent give the children caring and loving, they will not run off themselves. When the couple are in congruence lives, so the women will not run off and leave behind their partner and live in the street.
  2. The lower of education. The lower of education can make the human wrong to choice what they want in lives. So they make it simple with live in the street they will doing whatever they want to. The education is low and make the human in the difficult condition, or bad condition. The people can not work as they want, or to be unemployed instead.
  3. The street be place as a house. Women and girls who work in the street as singing beggar or beggar are more often feel comfort living in the street. They meet friends who have the same background and it feel like at home.
  4. The bad protection of the government. The government have the power to create a policy about human trafficking. By the all caused that make it happen, the government should be more wisely to manage people. People are impossible all in a good condition, so give them place to solve their problem. If the street is bad for people, give them the better place or associate who help people. In addition to that reason, the government should be distinct to clear of human trafficking. Before it will make many victims again, just cut off and give the punishment for the agent of human trafficking.

The source of information about human trafficking in the world, like in Indonesia, US, China, etc, says that the victim as appropriate with their purpose to find advantages is women and girls. And the victim usually more often live in the street. Because people live in the street have the problem with their family, and they more easier to flatter than people who live in home happily. 

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