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Servant Needs Quality Time with Their Family

Is it quality time just for rich people?

The question about quality time what for is always on the people's mind who feel that quality time (means holiday) is not for them. Like the servant who work on the rich people's house, they have full time for work. Almost no holiday because they work since monday until sunday. Since before the sun rise until the sun disappear at evening. Even when the night comes, they still busy to work if the children of their boss not yet go to sleep. We can imagine that the times of the servants always not enough 24 hours each day.

It is indeed so that the work hours of the servants not to be regulated by government. But if we included in the clasification of rich people, we should give them time, at least for them selves. They are human, like our who need moral, need to socialize with others.

They need quality time of course, but they think they are not deserve for it. Quality time means more spend money for them. Because they see that their boss have much money to go to holiday abroad, to shop to big supermarket or mall, to go to somewhere that it takes a lot of money.

However quality time not means spending much money. The servant need quality time to meet their family, spending time together. During this time the servant spending their time to fall in line with other family. Be a part of the other family, they feel missing to be a part of their real family. So quality time for the servant is a precious time. If they have, they will not spending their time without family.

Maybe the government needs to make a regulation for work hours of the servants. Because just some family who think about the life of the servant. The servants are not just need the money, but they need to achieve some moral from ours. One of them is quality time. Giving them enough time to go home and live with their family for several days. It will be the potion of the missing peace of their lives.

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