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Cheetah Print Pictures


Animal print is more famous nowdays. We can meet this designs on many product, such as bags, shoes, clothes, etc. Leopard and cheetah have the same spotted design. Why this type is liked by women? May be the unique design or the symbol of this animal, such as cheetah and leopard, that become representative of the braveness or the power of the person. It is cool, right? Furthermore, like a clothes and bags with the design from leopard skin, it is look like an expensive thing. So that leopard and cheetah design also describe the prosperity of the person. The choice to show up your appearance with unusual style maybe make you confuse because you do not know will you make like what about your nails. This creativity is more interest today to attract the buyer to purchase it. One of the animal print that famous at this era is cheetah print pictures.

Cheetah print pictures more interesting now because of the unique design. The design that placing spots in the spread area. The size of range on this design is not the matter. Beside that, you also need the colours that support the designs, like gold, black, or brown to draw cheetah. For the background you can use others colour to make the animal print of cheetah more beautiful. Start by applying coats to your nails as a base and allow it for dry. After the coats have dried, then you can start to paint your cheetah spots on your nail, more irregular is more nice to see.

I though it’d be fun to do your nails with cheetah print pictures. Because this is a such fun look for a party or a night out. And people around you will be think that it is look way harder to do the nail designs like that. Just spend your time to practice and creativily to paint cheetah.


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