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Dry Skin On feet Causing Eczema


Did you ever feel get dry skin on your feet and it was so painful? Be careful to keep your feet healthy. You must know the indication when dry skin attack your feet.

Dry skin on feet is caused by several condition, such as aging condition, using high heels, harsh deodorant soaps, bath too frequently, or using humadifier at your home. These all can be cause why your feet get dry skin. So you must pay attention for your body to keep them health, not only clean. Because if you have a bath too frequently (more than twice a day), it will make your skin get dry. Or when you are using air conditioner at your home, if too blowing hard then will make dry skin.

Some people suffer dry skin all their lives. Why is this disease so dangerous for us? Because if we are neglecting our feet when dry skin come, so it will make some serious problem for your health. Severe dry skin conditions include ezcema and psoriasis, both are rashes that are very itchy and that can show up all over the body. When this attack your feet, it will make walking painful.

Do not ignore the dry skin on feet. Eventhough you always keep your clean the body, but it can attack you when you are in careless. Dry skin on feet not only attack the older person, but also the youngers one. For example, when you wear a high heels to go to the office the whole day, it will make your feet scratched. One of the soothe solutions except use tablet is always to use body lotion on your skin (especially on feet) to keep the humidity of your feet. Do not let your feet get dry and your skin cracked.


Dry Skin Causing Foot Eczema

Your hands and feet are especially vulnerable to eczema triggers like dry winter air or heat in summer. Foot eczema can be itchy and painful. Ezcema is nonspecific term. It is often used as being synonymous with dermatitis which simply means inflammation of skin. Eczema come when your feet get dirty and you did not wash them. This condition can also caused by your socks. You need to change your a pair of socks during the time when your feet sweat. Because the damp socks can worsen ezcema.

Irritation on your skin on the palms of hands and soles of the feet do not you underestimate. This irritation can be a serious disease if you do not cure them immediately. At the least you can do something to prevent ezcema. Keep your hands and feet wet and clean are the ways you can do to prevent the ezcema triggers. You should picky when choosing the soaps, because of ezcema can attack sensitive skin more easily. You can use protective cotton-lined gloves when you are doing housework or when using cleansers and chemicals.

The eczema triggers can attack your feet easily when your feet get sweat. For you who are employee in the office that support you to use shoes all the day, this irritation can attack you so easy. Because your humidity feet will be more safe if your feet get air enough to prevent from too wet or dry. The other ways to keep your feet from ezcema are using body lotion to cover your skin on feet from the dirty things when you are working in the outdoor. Or you can use the clothes more closed and long trousers in order to avoid bacterial enter your skin. Foot eczema in serious condition usually will be leave the trace of injured.

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