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French Manicure Ideas


The ideas to do French manicure actually not pure from French. But there is also invention from American. Nevertheless many people call this manicure with “la French”. French manicure is the most that people liked when they go to salons. Do not know whether this style is happening ever in French or this style come from French. But surely French manicure has been trending fashion of nail art for several decades.

The popular French manicure is characterized with pink base color and bright white. Do you one of the French manicure fans? Pink colors is the best choice for you. This pink colors was being symbolized for romantic idea, which is sensible with French. The whole things that related to pink colors, romanticism, and feminism are being French manicure ideas. So if you want the romantic situation, you can choose French manicure to do your nails. This nail art maybe belonging to old product or old style. But this French manicure still to be the passion of many people to make up their nails. You can decorate your nails with French manicure base, you will look so feminin and elegant with it. You do not be worried that you will look old, instead you will look more young with pink colors on your nails. It is show that you are a romantic person.

You can get French manicure by professional nail art in the salon, or if you are an expert of nail art you can get it by yourself at home. If you go to salon, there is more choice to do your nails that is offered by professional nail stylist. He may paint your nails alone or perhaps apply fake nails. After you are finishing make up your nails, you can use this French manicure ideas to go to party with your friends or your beloved one.


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