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French Tip Nail Designs


French tip nail designs are designed for you who like the classic style. Nevertheless, it look very interesting. Simple but nice is the word which is suitable for the design.

In the past, females have chosen manicure and pedicure to keep health and interesting of their hands and toes. The way to use nail designs done by professional in salon with french manicure. French manicure is a famous nail treatment with pink or red color. Do you want to dress up your nail with french manicure today? Do not be scared to be classic with pink color. French manicure is a classic nail art indeed, but you can mix and match with others color to make it more attractive. So leave the classic impression about french nail art. Because today you can decorate your nails with nice pink color as a french nail art.

You do not need to worried, there are several steps for you to make your french style still on rocking. The first is make sure that your nail is longer, because the longer they are, the better. Then clean your hands with warm water for one or two minutes, and dry it. After that you can apply a base coat of polish for your nails. Paint on a thin layer of sheer pink polish and let your nails dry. Then give your nails with white polish, lightly brush color onto the tip of your nails. The last is applying a top coat of polish and let it dry for several minutes. Finish your nails, you have just completed your very own french tip nail designs.

Painting your nail with classic style is not always mean that you are a classic person. But you can make a classic ways, like french tip nail designs, for the better nail art creatively. Have fun with sheer pink polish and find yourself is like doing french manicure in the salon.

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