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Galaxy Nails Tutorial


The look of galaxy manicures has always been made the people mesmerize with it. The idea of galaxy manicures is like the universe on your hands. It is a pretty awesome nail designs. I think the galaxy nail designs will be the different nail designs, because it is amazing when there are many things of the sky on your nails. You will feel the atmosphere of the sky too.

Sometimes some of you maybe get thinking that galaxy nail designs is difficult to create it perfectly. Because the impression of this designs give complex shades. But there is galaxy nails tutorial that help you to understand how it could be formed. You will be surprised when actually this is one of the easiest manicures that you have done. Play your colorful nail polish with shades of the sky on your nails, like light white color, dark pink, light purple, yellow, blue, and black. If you only have basic colors, you can blend several basic colors into your new colors, such as dark magenta and light purple. After you get the colors that you will use, you can start to paint it with give the basic color first. Then you start to put various materials of the sky, like stars, little planet, and supernova (starbrust). You can also give it with the cosmic dust, it will give the universe impression. For the final touch, you can add glitter and concetrate it around the cosmic dust to not overwhelm the design.

You will be satisfied with your result nails. Even when you think that you make mistakes with your nails, but everything is free form, no straight lines and your mistakes can be covered and layered over. You do not need be worried to try galaxy nails tutorial. You can use this designs for many events that you will come soon.


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