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How To Do Nail Designs


Are you a beginner to make up your nails with nail designs? Do not be scared, there is no doubt if you want to look different day by day with the appearance on your nails. The first principal is make your mind get thinking that nail designs is an easy way to do. You must start to like nail art, so you can decorate your nails creatively. If you do not like nail art, it must be a difficult thing for you to make it realize. Basicly, the nail designs bring cheerfullness for us when we look at those colorful nails.

You do not to be worried that nail designs make you troubled of it. You can learn how to do nail designs on a website which is providing the tutorial to polish your nails, or you can go to near salon where is providing mani and pedi services. After you get the tutorial to make a nail art on your hands, you can start your day with preparing all the things that you need to decor your nails. There are several stuffs that you need to do your nails, such as nail polish, matte top coat, etc. If you still feel difficult to do it yourself, you can go to a professional nail art. Or if you can not draw nail art well, you can choose fake nail designs to make your beautiful nails. There are many ways to do your nails, whether for your hands or toenails. The positive thing that you get when you use nail art is your convident will increasing, and you can impress all people around you with your beautiful nails.

Let’s try find yourself in having fun with nail designs. Do not be confused about how to do nail designs, because it has a simply way to dress up your nails.

Step by Step Nail Designs

Do you want to make up your nails? But you are a beginner. Do not be worried, there are many easy ways to do your nails good looking. So you do not be wary if your creation of nail designs will look bad. Because the colors of nail designs will make it more fun. Eventhough you start it with the simplest designs, but it will be look nice. Some of you may be get to think that it will be the challenge to make different nail art, complex nail designs of course. But here is step by step nail designs that you can do it to make your nails.

The first that we need to know is the type of nail art. The type of nail art are design nail and plain nail or colour blocked nails. For the design nail you can make it with form of hearts, stripes, polcadots, and floral. For plain nail or colour blocked nails you can use single colour to polish nail, example black nails. This type is the simplest type of nail art, you can polish your nails by yourself. Whereas for design nail, we need able to paint specific design.

The second ways, use based coat to cover your nails before painting nail. Based will coat and protect your nail, beside that the colours were piled up will fast dry and more flat. Then start to paint your nail with colour you want. Don’t forget after you have finished paint your nails, add last coat of clear polish to keep colour lasting for at least one more week. The next step is just wait for your nails to dry before doing anything else.

Sometimes nail art is quite difficult and time consuming, but there are various nail designs that do not need much time, like fake nails. But it is not means that you may leave step by step nail designs. These steps is important for you to keep your nails health and not be brittle nails.


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