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Nicki Minaj Nails


Have you heard the named of Nicki Minaj? Yess, she is a singer from New York City. In the united state, beside she is well known as a singer, she is also popular as rapper, songwriter, actress, and television personality. As a singer, her first album released in 2007. Minaj is known for her outlandish costumes, cosmetics, and wigs. Her appearance is almost similar to Lady Gaga, so she is often called “the black Lady Gaga”. She is always wearing colorful costumes for her each performance.

Nicki Minaj is also nail art admirer. In her performance, she always makes up her long nails. Some of you may be get thinking that her appearance, especially how she makes up her nails, is a crazy performance. Because her unusual appearance. Her colorful nails often becomes trend icon. But she admit that she always does her own nails. If you like Nicki Minaj nails, you can choose it for your nails style. The key for making nails as Nicki Minaj nails is you must have braveness to play various colors. You can experiment with your colorful nails, like Nicki Minaj. Nicki’s menicure often painted in wild styles. Colorful with glitter is the most her choice of nail designs.

Nicki Minaj has her own style, how about you? Do you like her manicure? If you would like to be different, you can follow her nails style. Sometimes different person is often called the controversial one. But you do not need to worried, because your style is in your hands. So far it is so comfortable for you and do not disturb others, it is yours.


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