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Spring Nail Designs


The basis of nail art are usually placed on the colouring of nail designs. Spring has similar meaning with easter in here. The symbols of spring or easter are inspiration colours, such as pastel colours. Beside that, the shapes like bunnies, chickens, flowers also interesting people who choose spring or easter colours. All these symbols to explain the situation of heart’s people who are in happy feeling. Accordingly this type is called spring or spring nail designs.

There are many spring nail designs to help you get inspire for painting your nails. The spring egg nails are combination of dots and other shapes with pastel colours, especially egg colours with domination of smooth blue. An easy spring designs with cute japanesse style pastel bunnies on nails, chicken easter nails, or flowers. Polkadots nail that can be done in any colour what you like or have. A perfect idea for a spring accent nail manicure is called easter mix up with combinating shapes and colours, such as combination between cute bunny, flower, and polkadots.

The pastel colours in this nail designs become the interesting people to choose it. The smooth colours and look girlies. This nail designs can be used in fun situation, or when you will go to walking around in the holiday you can choose this one. You can polish your nail with your friends at home to fill your holiday, so your skill and creativity more explore to make up your nails in various designs as you want. You only need a few stuff, such as cute shape what you like and bright colours to paint your nails. Painting nail designs more interesting if you like it and having fun for the nail art. The key to do your nails is braveness, so the result will be satisfied. So let’s make up your spring.


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