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Star Wars Nails


Star wars have become a very popular film in 2010. It was no wonder then star wars become a trendsetter for world of fashion, we could have seen how star wars obsess anyone during the decades of it. There is not rarely star wars adopted by nail art to give something new to decorate nails. We can use that designs of star wars nails art today, even star wars film is not as popular as in 2010. Precisely the designs still unique for us to make the different nail art. All you have to do is take your passion for nail designs and mix a little bit of star wars in it. When you go to disney land, surely that nail art still become a popular idol for people who give a big attention for cartoons.

It is an easy way to create star wars on your nail if you want or you are one of nail art lover. The characteristic of star wars will give you a fun when you pick it up on your nails. You just need to transform your nail to resemble a white stormtrooper or the evil lord Darth Vader. Begin give your nail a transparent nail enamel as a coat then if you choose the character of stormtrooper you can apply a coat of white nail polish. After that you paint gently on the facial features of the trooper using black shade. You can do it easily with others character, if you have any other designs like yoda, boba fett, or jango fett, it would be fantastic nails art that you ever have.

This designs of star wars nails art can make your day more fun. You may put it on your nail to celebrate the day with your family or beloved one. It will make you feel like their prized possession.

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