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Valentine’s day Nail Designs


What is on your mind when you hear valentine’s day? Valentine’s day exactly identificate with one day of love, isn’t it? No more sadness in this day, bring cheerfullness that symbolized with bright colour such a pink, silver, and gold. Beside that, there are so many chocholates that we can meet it anywhere, rose flowers, dolls of bear as a love sign that usual used by someone to show his feeling for his beloved one. But it is not the only way to show our feeling in valentine’s day, we can show our appearance more interesting and sparkling on that day through many ways, one of them with nail designs.

Let’s start our valentine’s day nail designs to attract the attention of someone whom we liked. Just try to choose the colours and designs you want to put on your nails. Simple designs but not ordinary can look more nice than the nail designs which has a complicated designs. Some people may be like to use counterfeit nail which has a certain design in order to change it easily. Depends on the mood on certain situation, and using nail to match with the clothes that we wear.

Do not hesitate to start painting your nail or choose sticker nail. Instead to simplify the design, you can only painting hearts with pink or red colour on your each nails. If you would like to combine the colours, you can make nail painting creatively or if you do not have more times to paint you can use sticker nail. For more attractive, you can use glitter on your nail polish. See the example of nail design on the picture! But be sure you use base coat before painting or sticking the nails. Valentine’s day nail designs will more attractively to express your feeling, not only for someone but also everybody around you.

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