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Why Women Don’t Get To Be Angry In All Situation

Actually the weakness of women comes easily is badmood. Badmood can make the women feeling angry to face the bad situation. Of course the bad situation is considered by how the position of women about their comfortable. Women are famous as a moody human. Some times women feel in a good mood that it will take their inner beauty to talk with people arround them. But some times women have a badmood that it will make them become angry.

In case the mother have in trouble with her husband at the morning. Whereas mother has usually activity to prepare the meal for breakfast children, to prepare children who will go to school, to prepare husband who will go to work, and the others habit that when its all in out condition it will make the emotion. But the mother has demanded to persitent slowly and wisely to face the condition. Because the women’s anger don’t be solve the problem, it will just make the situation more badly. The mother should be pretends that nothing is matter.

Some people like us may be ever in that situation as a child. At that time, we have seen that our mother have in trouble with our father. Father anger to mother, scream out, and bark out mother. Some times father can hit mother. But may be we look at our mother, she just cry in the end. In our mind we thought that why my mother don’t resist and angry to my father back? 

Why women don’t get to be angry in all situation? Even the bad situation. Some reasons to the women so that she can manage her anger. First, the women is a sensitive human, when she get to be angry, she will be called unfeminim, untouchable, unloveable, even unhumanity. Because our culture put the women in yield position. So when she get to be angry, people think that she is not a woman. Two, the women is long thinker than the men. She’ll be able to think twice to do something, because she can imaging the effect of something if it was happen. Like a mother, she will think to doing her task while to debate her husband, because it will make the children feel sad and uncomfort. Three, the women is usually get to be angry will disturbed their health. Because the effect of anger will make increase the blood tension, and it will make the women unhealthy.

The culture reason or the healthy reason to the women, it based on woman’s character. For the women have anger character, try to be wise, to slow on respon situation that make you uncomfort, sad, or angry. Just let it be, don’t get to be angry on the time. Try to think more and more. Some times when the anger situation comes, we try to leave it and try to think it on the next day. The next day will become a good day because we can be think wisely. It will good too for the healthy.

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