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3 Temples That You Should Not Missed in Indonesia


You can enjoy trip of Indonesia around starting from Jogjakarta. because many tourist attractions in Jogjakarta are characteristic of Indonesia.

Indonesia is indeed famous for temple tourism. More than a thousand temple sites in Indonesia around that you can visit. But there are 5 temples in Indonesia that you should not miss. You can enjoy it with Indonesia private tour.

  1. Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple, known as 7 Wonders of the World, is located in Central Java. If you travel in Jogjakarta, you should not miss to stop by the Borobudur temple. It takes about 1 hour from Jogjakarta to get to the Borobudur temple.

This Buddhist temple is the largest temple in the world. And many historical stories from here. You can ask your tour guide to tell it to you. Many uniqueness of Borobudur temple you need to know. This site is not only fun to use for traveling, but also to get to know history. Indeed a lot of history when you travel in Indonesia around.

  1. Mendhut Temple

The second temple after you visit Borobudur Temple is Mendhut Temple. The distance is close to Borobudur temple so you can enjoy it while walking back to Jogjakarta.

The size of this temple is small, very different from the Borobudur temple. But this temple also has its own historical value. You can enjoy it for taking pictures. Its location on the edge of the road makes it easy for us to recognize it.

  1. Pawon Temple

The temple which has another name Brajanalan Temple is located 2 km to the northeast of Borobudur Temple and 1 km to the southeast of Mendhut Temple. The three temples are in a straight line, so there is a strong suspicion that the Buddhist temple has a close connection.

Pawon temple is a storage place for the corpses of the kings. There are many other stories that you can know through the trip of Indonesia around.

If you visit historical sites in Indonesia around, you should not missed to visit the three temples.




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