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Decorating Ideas for Large Walls


Decorating small room seem like one of the most difficult design challenge, but decorating an oversize can be just as hard. I suppose that decorating small and large room is the same challenge for us to matches our space with the appliances. Even though, some of you maybe thinking that a large room we can fill it with anything we need. But it is not as simple as it. Exactly, house with large walls will make cold your room and uncomfortable for the dwellers and the guests. So the challenge is how you make it warm and comfortable room.

If you one of many people who confuse about your high ceilings that makes your room is too large, you need to observe some decorating ideas for large walls. You need to pay attention for the things that can influence your high ceilings, such as the colors, the shades, the scale of your walls. You can try to use a rich gold or terra-cotta color, but if your room is wider and more open, you can go darker with your wall color, likes brick red, eggplant and chocolate-brown are all attractive options for colors. If you would rather a neutral wall color, choose a deeper shade for your high walls. The second ideas is adding a pattern to your walls with horizontal stripes that are a particularly good option because they help widen the look of a room so the dimensions appear more balanced. If you do not, you can also use chair rail to help draw the eye and widen the room. And the scale is a key for you, make the most of your vertical space by choosing large art pieces or wall hangings that add character and visual interest to the room. Beside these decorating ideas for large walls, if you still have empty space, you can create a gallery. You can make your gallery photos or artwork with the same size, and place them in the same color and style frames.

A warm wall shade will make the room feel more intimate and welcoming no matter how high the walls are.


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