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Decorating with Color Wheel


The color is something which always near with us. We can find colors everywhere and everytime, even our activity has always been related to colors, from we woke up in the morning ‘till we go to sleep in the night. Did you ever to imagine that the color never comes in our lives? Or we can ask about it to someone who blind on his eyes, how does it feel live without can not see the colors? So the colors are part of our lives.

There are so many colors in the world, from the basic color to combination colors that create new color. We also know about color wheel, that dividing into primary, secondary, and tertiary. The excess of color wheel are the division that help us to choose or even to try mix and combine the colors as we want. Sometimes you feel difficult to make choice which color you should choose, but it will help you when you choose for decorating with color wheel. Primary colors of color wheel are red, blue, and yellow. All other colors come from these. When you are mixing equal parts of two primary colors create secondary colors, these colors are violet (purple), green, and orange. Combining equal parts of a primary color with a secondary color creates tertiary colors. Their descriptions combine the primary and secondary names from which they were created: red-violet, blue-violet, blue-green, yellow-green, yellow-orange and red-orange. That is all about how you understand decorating with color wheel. From that you will easy to choose the color or combine it into the color that you like.

You can create your own color without settle for someone else’s ideas of what colors you should have in your home. You can start it with single color and combine it into new color that different from other colors. Color wheel will help you to decorate your space the way you like.


Design A Room Color Scheme

The colors also become your favourite thing to fill your home. If you are barely buy an apartment or a house, what will you do with it? Or what is make you interested to buy that home? Almost all the people will answer it because of the colors of the home. After you look around the exterior of that home, you will enter inside a home then see interior design with the furnitures on it. If you have taste of the color, you will satisfied when you have ability to design a room color scheme. In here, I will help you to choose paint colors for your home, include bedroom, living room, bathroom, and kitchen. You can choose eggshell whites, beiges, lighter grays, light yellows and light olives in your bedroom. Meanwhile for your living room, you can combine warm and neutral colors. For your bathroom, warm whites are great for making bathrooms look larger than they are, and you should stay away from darker colors like deep reds, browns, yellows and blues. Kitchen is the place where meals will be prepared, and they need to see the food they are dicing, slicing, chopping, frying and baking. So that you need to choose light colors that help add brightness to the room. And the choice for pale yellow, light olive and warm beiges are great kitchen colors.

Many homeowners make the mistake with using the wrong paint colors. It may causing your nuance of home is not comfort for you and your guests. Meanwhile, if you can make design a room color scheme, you will not make a mistake to choose color because you have right plan for your room. Moreover, when you want to sell your home, many people will interest with your home because your interior painted well.



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