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Designing an Entryway


An entryway is part of exterior design which placed in front of the house. People usually viewing the building of a house is the front of house firstly. If the condition or the design front of house is good enough, means clean and look nice, it is indicate that the condition of inside a house also clean. That is why some of people had taken care for their entryway. But there are also the dwellers of a house had not taken care for their front condition.

The front of the house has become part that also important, because the entryway is welcoming the guests. So we need pay attention with designing an entryway, in order to make it nice welcome for our guests. Some of you maybe have a house building with large yard, but the others not. You are lucky if you have yard in front of your house, because you can decorate it with grassy field or other plants. It will help you to make your house look green and cool caused by your plants. You also can make stone front walkway to the home, your house will be more ready to welcome the guests. But if you are not have yard in front of your house, you can make your yard own with give the space between your door and hedge.

The entryway is escort the guests to enter your home. You need to think several possibility in designing an entryway, such as in rainy season. You need to ensure that your entryway will not flood caused by rain.



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