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Gel Nail Designs


Gel for nail designs are made by acrylic too. Gel acrylic have a thick viscosity, it is like any other nail designs with acrylic material. This gel is new shape of acrylic, after the gel is adhered on your nails and get dry, it will be ossified. The advantages when you have your nails with gel nail designs, you will get your nails look shiny and you only need less time to make it real on your nails. Gel is similar to acrylic nail designs, their shape is emerge and hard.

If you would like to use gel nail designs, there are also available in various colors. Even you just need to make one-single color on your nails, and it will look nice too. When gel get dry and hard, it will look like a candy color on your nails. The nails that shiny are very plague nail designs. But you do no need be worried on how to make your nails shiny with gel nails, because it is very easy for you to do your nails. The way is similar to other nail designs, you still need base coat and top coat. After your base coat have dried, you can polish your nails with gel nail designs then let it dry. When you feel satisfied with your nails, then give it top coat for keeping your shiny nails long lasting until a week.

You can choose gel nail designs for your various event. Even if you do not want to go to somewhere, you can use these nail designs to fill your holidays at home. Then compare it with candy that you eat, it will be the same and plague for you. That was easy ways to make shiny nails for your fun days.


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