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Ghetto Nails


Have you long or short nails? If you have long nails, it is not the matter while your nails in normal length. But some of you maybe like to have very long nails, it is happened in a few people in general. It looks like a strange when we see anyone with very long nails. The nails which have uncommon length are called ghetto nails. Sometimes, some of them who have very long nails will not mad if they are called ghetto.

However, only few person who like ghetto, because it looks strange. The reason why people do not like ghetto nails, because the nails are too long, too thick, and always in some crazy color with design painted on and cheap jewels encrusted in them. Their very long nails until forming in random pattern and arched. Perhaps, someone with uncommon length nails feel comfort and satisfied with their very long nails, but there are good and bad side for theirselves. Good side when they have very long nails but keep the healthy of their nails and clean it regularly, their nails will look nice even too long. But the bad side if their very long nails give bad effect for them, like people will avoid them because of their nails, they not have treatment for their very long nails.

Nevertheless, we are all only human, and to have ghetto nails or not is the choice of a person. We can not to press and judge them because we do not like their very long nails, its their own nails. But we can give them opinion about the healthier nails. Actually, short nails will be more healthy for us. We also still fashionable with short nails, or it may to have long nails but still in normal length. Because the treatment of very long nails are difficult and expensive enough.


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