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How To Get Fake Nails Off


Have you the time to make your nails more beautiful in short experience? If you do not have much time to take some nail polish on your nail then make a creation yourself, there is the other way to make it simple nowadays. Just using the fake nail designs which is provided by many nail art stores. Fake nail designs usually made of acrylic. The shape of nail art is more interest with various form painted.

If fake nails help you to do your nails easily, some of you maybe get thinking how to get fake nails off. Because the material of fake nails is hard, and how you have it removed in order that it won’t damage your nails. You can take off your nails yourself, but I suppose that you should go to professional nail art to help you remove it. Because they will give you the right treatment. Here is several steps to get off your fake nails. Get nail clippers and cut your nails as far as you can, then file off any gel or topcoat on your nails so the acetone works better. Soak cotton balls in the acetone solution, then lay one soaked cotton ball over each of your fingernails. After that, put some tape or foil around your nails to keep the cotton ball in place. After the full time has passed, gently remove the tape or foil. Scrape the nail off with an orangewood stick and you can remove the residue with a nail buffer or nail file. Rub lotion on immediately, since acetone is a strong chemical. So your hands will dry out so apply oils and/or lotions frequently.

Having fake nail designs make your life becomes easier, because you do not need much time consuming to change your nail designs. But you need to learn too how to get fake nails off. Just remember that fake nails is made by acrylic, and you should remove it carefully. If you can’t, you can ask professional nail art to help you, and your nails will be safe from damage.


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