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Ladybug Nails


Ladybug is a certain kind of grasshopper. But certainly this is a small beetle that you can found it in garden or wet rice field. Ladybug can spray gleam in the dark of night, it will be beautiful scenery when the horde of ladybugs put outside their glow together. All the children usually like them, and when they find them in the daylight, they often chase them and then will catch. Although ladybug included in grasshopper or beetle, but the shade of ladybug is interesting for people. Ladybug has unique color, like combination of red and black. And when they fly while glow in the night, they will look pretty.

Inspired by ladybug, lately many people make ladybug theme for their events or products, it is not with the exception of nail designs. The combination of red and black color on your nails is very interesting and impressing shade. Beside the colors, the shape of ladybug which small beetle is interesting too. And certainly, it will be the challenge to paint it on your nails with ladybug nails. This cute shade will make something different with your nail designs.

But do not be worried that it is difficult or impossible thing to paint your ladybug on nails. You can create ladybug nails easily. Firstly, you can paint each nail with the red nail polish, then you can start paint a black stripe down the centre of each nail with nail art pen or thin brush. After your nails have dried, apply the french manicure tip guides to the end of your nails. It is use to cover up your nail polish before you paint the tips of your nail with black. After that you can remove the tip guide, then paint a black dot using dotting tools.

This cute ladybug theme on your nails can you use it in several events, especially when you are going to somewhere with your daughter, or your female friends. You can paint the different ladybug nails on each of your nails. More complicated shades is better. If you can not make it alone, you can ask professional nail art to help you paint ladybug on your nails. There are also many tutorial to make ladybug theme on nails online and free, you can see and download it to help you make your ladybug realize. You’ll be ready glow in the dark with your ladybug on your nails.


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