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Peacock Nail Art


Do you like peacock? This is one of many animal prints. The shades of peacock is a unique shades and merry for the colors. The colors which dominant in peacock are green and blue, but the combination other colors give sensational colors. If you like peacock, you can use it for your inspiration nail designs. It will be different nail designs that you ever had.

It seems look difficult thing for making peacock nail art. Because the complicated of shade causing it is not an easy nail art. I will give you something like a guide to choose the colors for your peacock on nails. For base color, you can use Nina ultra pro emerald city, while green shimmer for main stripes, you can choose China Glaze Three Hugger. For making shimmery glittery lime green for extra stripes, you can choose Finger Paints Guggen I’m Lime. The shade of golden oval is made by color of orly glitz, while turquoise oval is made by color club wicked sweet. For tiny blue dot, you can use the color of finger paints artist’s sapphire. And you can choose color club starry temptress topcoat for small lines near cuticle and nail edge. So you can get funky peacock feather on your nails easily with the choice of those colors. If you do not have those, you can use other colors brand which is similar to those.

The challenge for you is how to choose the right color for your peacock nail art, in order to make it realize with your colors. Perhaps, it is difficult enough, but possible to do. You can learn and try some colors to get the colors of peacock you want. Its more looked like real peacock feather is better. When you have finished your peacock nails, then flash it, you will find your peacock nails sparkle because there is gold color and glittery lime green.


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