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Pedicure Socks


Some of you may be get confuse what pedicure socks is, and what for we use it. Are there difference with any other socks that usually we wear? In United States or United Kingdom, this socks are familiar, and the people usually wear it, especially females. They usually wear it in cold weather. This socks will help them to make their feet keep warm in cold weather. Even they usually wear it to go to somewhere when they are using sandals for their feet.

When you are getting pedicure in a cold weather, you may get confuse yourself to let your shoes and save it on your bag then wear a plastic on your feet or keep stay cool wear your shoes. These pedicure socks will solve your problems. Even in Indonesia is not have four season like in Eropa, you still get these socks in rainy season. When you wear it, your feet will keep warm and nice. You also can wear these socks before and after you have pedicure since the socks will keep your feet. The shape of these socks is defferent from other socks, if other socks will cover all your feet, while these socks only cover your feet partly, means without cover your toenails.

The shape of these socks is very useful for you. If you have toenails designs, you can wear pedicure socks to keep your toenails look nice even you are wearing socks. The season will not disturb your pedicure when you are getting these socks on your feet. Because these socks will make your toenails nice but still cover your feet.

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