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What Are Shellac Nails


A new manicure treatment promises smudge proof nail will lasts for weeks without chipping. But if you often to go to salon, you must know that Shellac is not for everyone. So what are Shellac nails? Shellac is a brain child of California company called Creative Nail Design, or more known as CND. Shellac is frequently described as hybrid of the popular gel manicure. The company said that it spent five years for perfecting the products. Shellac is identical gel manicure, which gel is applied to the nail to build up a new surface. The gel will hardened under UV light, then smooth and sculpted with an electric before adding polish. But gels get low marks from many consumers because of the potential nail damage that can result from soaking nails and fingers in strong acetone, and abrasive filing to remove the gel residue.

So that Shellac offers a more friendly nail solution by taking gel to the next level, which the new product used without sculpting or filing. It just thin coats of polish on your natural nail, with a brief time for curing under a UV lamp between every coat. The UV is used for 10 seconds after the base coat, and two minutes each between the two coats of color and the top coat. When the top coat is done, you get a quick shine with a soft cloth and alcohol and you're ready to go. Its all about the way Shellac is works.

Although Shellac is modern gel manicure, but Shellac is not for everyone. The consumers who usually use Shellac nails often believe in professional nail art to do their nails. Even they will come back to have it removed. Its because the material of Shellac and the way it use is difficult enough. Shellac nails can not done at home by someone who is unlicensed, untrained, and taking shortcuts. So after you know what are shellac nails, do you want to do your nails with Shellac? I recommend that you should ask your professional nail art to do it on your nail for avoiding damage.


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