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10 Characteristics of a Fake Friend

Having a friend or a close friend makes life more colorful and enjoyable, but what if he turns out to be a fake friend? Now, before getting caught up in a relationship that could actually hurt you, first recognize the traits of a fake friend.

Definitions of a close friend or friend may already have known a lot, but many are still trapped by a fake friend. It means that we think of the person as our friend, but it's not uncommon for him to hurt our feelings. Let's check out this following explanation:

Characteristic of Fake Friend

Characteristics of a fake friend

1.  Always making you insecure

Even if a friend is someone who opens up to us, it is always meant to criticize us for making us feel better, but if you end up becoming insecure then can you still be your friend?

Surely when we have someone close by, we don't want to hurt his heart. Well, but what if our friend doesn't do the same as he does... he often makes us feel down and not confident.

True friends should be able to accept our weaknesses and strengths for what they are. And when he found our flaws, he encouraged us to be able to continue to do better. It's not that I don't trust myself. 

2.  Too bold and quick to ask

That friendship will be put to the test by time. Although we are very close to our relationship with friends, it is not uncommon for us to feel uneasy when we give him a lot of trouble.

But there was also a rumor that a friend of ours, but a few days later, he had another intention, like borrow money or stuff. It's worse they do it without any small talk.

Now, this type of friend is practically a fake because he wants to make good out of you. May be tested, once he gets what he wants, he'll be out of our lives. 

3.  Comes when he need you, goes away when you need him

This third feature sheds light on the subsequent behavior of the fake friend after he has performed the second characteristic above. When the need is right, he's in our presence, intensely contacting us. But when our turn need him, he goes away from us. It could be that he just doesn't take us very seriously. There are a lot of reasons why, but we'd better prepare our minds to stay positive so as not to poison ourselves.

4.  Can't be trusted.

This fourth feature is because he likes to disappear so we can't even count on him when we have a problem or just want to tell a story.

The point is he can't always be there for us, so he's not someone we can count on either. Though he often comes to us when he needs to. That's when you can say no. Nor are we obliged to meet everyone's expectations, so it is only natural to sometimes refuse to help him.

5.  Often look down on others

Some of our friends may gather more conversation about people, put others down, and so on. This could be our signal not to think of him as a friend. If we see how he treats a beggar like that, he makes it a small thing, then we should tell him not to act like that. But if warning or advice from us is dismissed, then just know and avoid this type of person.

Those who prefer to demean others have negative thoughts and would harm themselves and those around them.

6.  Talking about yourself

The feature of the six fake friends is that they often talk about themselves. Actually, there's a whole other thing to talk about. But talking about yourself is self-worth.

People with this quality are typically self - centered and cannot take for granted the strengths of others. 

7.  Often talks of another man's misfortune

There are always girls who go around gossiping. But what if it is someone else's misfortune?

Informing others that tragedy is brewing is not the same as talking about the plight of others. Usually a person who likes to talk about others' plight, he will tell them happily, and seem happy over the suffering of others.

Be wary if you have a friend like this because he won't hesitate to make others miserable for his sake be happy.

8.  Not listening when talking

A friend will willingly give up his or her time just to listen to our thoughts. Even if we are few in number, we will be at peace with our words.

It's different when you tell a story but your friend is busy with his phone. He lost focus on listening to our story. Then it will be worth it.

9.  Cutting the conversation short.

In forum ethics it should not interrupt people's conversation, so it should not be taken for granted in our relationship. When he interrupts our conversation then he is not the friend we have been looking for.

Because the moment he interrupts our conversation is that he does not respect our opinions, nor does he care about our thoughts and feelings.

So don't get cocky when a friend cuts you off. Don't be self - centered or overconfident, because he's the one who has no manners and is not fit to be your friend.

10.  Demoralizing

There's a clever friend who sees the worst in us. He has seen more failures than any hope for our success.

People with this trait simply degrade our spirits. For example, when he went to a favorite school, he told us that our grades were bad and there was no hope of going there. Well.. 10 it is recommended that we avoid identifying these fake friends. Rather than building ourselves up to the good, they leave us feeling used, disappointed, discouraged, and insecure.

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