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3 Places in Solo That Are Rich of History

Solo is one of the interesting tourist destinations when you take the trip of Indonesia around. Because many historic and impressed classic places.

Besides Jogjakarta, Solo is also a historic tourist destination in Indonesia around. If Jogjakarta has a palace, Solo also has it. In the beginning they were the unity of the kingdom of Mataram, but were split into two kingdoms. Jogjakarta led by Sultan Hamengkubuwono and solo led by Sultan Pakubuwono. You can find out the full story when you start your trip of Indonesia around.

  1. Mangkunegaran Palace

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This place is the residence of the Solo rulers. This palace is more European in ornamentation, unlike the palace of Jogjakarta Palace which is still thick in the Javanese kingdom of Islam. So in this palace the style of the building is more modern with a touch of Europe. You can also enjoy it when you decide to take Indonesia around in Jogjakarta - Solo. You will be escorted around that places.

Besides enjoying historic buildings, you can also enjoy dinner like a royal family. This event is often a favorite of foreign tourists when visiting the Mangkunagaran Palace. By buying a dinner package you will enjoy Kangkon Mangkunegaran special foods such as garang asem bumbung, fried fried chili, pecel pitik, lodoh pindang to pudding tape as dessert. You can enjoy it, even in Indonesia private tour.

  1. Antique Market

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Besides visiting the Mangkunegaran Palace, you can enjoy shopping for goods at the Solo antique market. A market that you will not encounter while traveling Indonesia around other than here.

There are 6 antique markets that you can visit to just see a collection of antique items or even to buy it. There are Klewer market, big market, Kabangan market, Pasar Jongong, Pasar Klithikan Notoharjo, and quarterly market.

  1. Cetho Temple

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This temple, located on the slopes of Mount Lawu, is also one of the favorite places when you are in Solo. Make sure to include it in your trip of Indonesia around. You can also enjoy the view of tea plantations around the temple area.

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