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4 Things To Keep In Your Mind About Making Event Planning Template

Without an event planning template, it is impossible for your events to run smoothly and according to your expectations. So make a template and realize your dream event.

The great opportunity of young people in creating events opens up our horizons to see what a successful event is like. Because there are still many events that escape public attention. All that will only spend time, energy, and budget. Therefore, always use an event planning template for whatever type of event you are.

When you learn to know the market tastes of an event, in fact you are learning to know what patterns make an event crowded.

Here are some things you should think about in creating an event planning template.

1. Purpose of The Events

The first time you think of an event, you will be invited to think first about the purpose of the event. For example for charity, for entertainment, for business promotion, for other purposes. Well, you can find out what the purpose of your event is.

Before you can determine your event, you will have difficulty determining your market and strategy. Not interested, not even glance at your event.

So determining the purpose of this event becomes important. In addition to determining the next strategy and to determine market tastes, by making this event planning template your work will also keep on the track.

You can more easily organize your event when you have found its destination. Don't ever hope that you will get an amazing event when you don't know what your event's purpose is.

2. Target Audience

After determining the goal, you can find the target audience. Anyone who is interested in your event is your target audience.

You can determine based on many aspects to get a targeted audience. You can specify the gender of interest, or all genders. You also determine based on age, occupation, hobbies, etc.

Looking for a target audience like looking for a boyfriend, you know him first through things that you can't ask him directly like searching through social media to get information related to him.

Now looking for the target audience is also almost the same. It's just that in finding this target not only 1 person, but you have to search as much as possible.

You can use Facebook tools to get your target audience. Learn the character of your event enthusiasts there. The more detailed the more targeted your audience.

3. Benefits and Values

In addition to the goal you also have to look for what are the benefits for your interest if they choose your product or service. Mention one by one the benefits of using your product.

It is like a bargain. Besides you sell you must have the skills to promote, explaining the benefits is one way to attract buyers. Because buyers will think 1000 times to buy your product if it's not important to him. It could even be because they feel sorry to see that you have not yet come to an audience.

For example, if you offer beauty products, you can benefit from the problems you have raised. As if you have acne on your face then use this moisturizer guaranteed effective to overcome your acne to the roots so that the roots disappear. Well, you find benefits here for buyers, namely to overcome the pimples that appear.

Besides the benefits, you can also give value to your product. The goal is that potential buyers accept the values of what they will buy.

For example you offer an old bicycle, you can explain that the bicycle is a legacy from your grandfather. Although the age of the bicycle is no longer young, but the function is still the same, he can take you somewhere. In addition, in his day this bicycle became the only valuable vehicle because it was able to transport victims to the hospital. Now through describing such things you can present values on the old bicycle.

It's different if you only write old bicycles for sale, without giving benefits and values to the bike.

4. Event Marketing and Metrics

After you mention all the benefits and values, it's your turn to make marketing strategies and metrics. Marketing is an important activity in selling something, whether goods or services, including selling events that you will do.

You can use the time before the event to start this marketing strategy. One of them is by opening a pre order ticket or pre sale. You can sell it cheaply at the beginning of the event period. Say that prices will rise to normal prices when the event is held.

The time you need can be around 3 to 6 months before the event starts. You can start from the plan and discuss the marketing strategy.

Many marketing strategies that you can learn in marketing or internet books that discuss business marketing strategies. Because marketing is the spearhead of any event or business income.

It's better to hone your marketing spirit with soft and hard skills than to give it to someone else.

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