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4 Ways To Love Yourself To Be Happier

Love is something we can't control, but by loving ourselves we will be happier in life because we are the ones controlling love for ourselves.

Have you ever thought about loving yourself more before you decided to love someone else?

Many people are happy with love, but it's not uncommon for people to suffer from it. It's because we expect something from our loved ones. Even if it's just a hope for love to be one-sided.

Yet there is love that is always happy. That's love for yourself. Because by loving yourself you will better understand yourself and thus build confidence. If we don't love ourselves, then who will?

4 ways to love yourself

Here are four ways to love one's self in order to live a happier life.

 1.  Self awareness

Recognizing who we are, we have taken steps to begin to love ourselves.

At least we can understand right now what we're thinking, what we're feeling. Thus we can discern the circumstances that make us feel comfortable. Comfort suggests that we can live a happier life without undue anxiety or anxiety.

We can also discern our weaknesses and strengths. Weaknesses should not make us feel inferior but rather, we can look for something else that will make us motivated.

 2.  Self worth

Trust that we are worth it. Sometimes we feel worthless, worthless, just because we make a few mistakes. Each man is valued in his own unique. Every creature in this world is precious because god would not create a creature without reason.

Look around at the people you love. Parents, spouses, friends, children. They're all precious in our eyes. So stop thinking we're worthless.

 3.  Self esteem.

By respecting yourself, you grow confidence. It is the confident ones who successfully consider themselves valuable.

Related to how you can develop this confidence in yourself in the preceding article. In achieving our goals, we need confidence to reach them.

But also remember to be overconfident because it would also be self-defeating. Putting ourselves in accordance with circumstances and conditions makes us more wise in choosing happiness in life.

 4.  Self care.

This self-care is more about how we take care of ourselves physically. You can do so with sufficient sleep, adequate food, sufficient exercise, and other treatments to support your appearance.

No need to wear yourself out. Just as you are comfortable wearing something that you feel more confident and happy to engage in it.

It is quite different with a person in a breakup. Her appearance tends to be wrinkled, disorganized, even willing to forgo meals for days to lament the loss of her love for him.

By choosing to take care of ourselves shows that we are far too valuable to grieve over the loss of those we have considered to be lovers or friends.

Some of the ways of loving ourselves above also help us cope with external problems beyond our control, such as how to cope with the toxic people who interfere with our lives.

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