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5 Categories How to Start Your Wedding Guest List

You and your future spouse must know how many guests are invited to the wedding. These are how to start your wedding guest list to suit your budget.

Often the bride and groom attached to the concept of a wedding and all the knick knacks. This also includes determining who they will attend at the wedding. It is impossible if they do not take into account, because the number of guests will have an impact on the budget and other things. If you are confused about finding it, you are on the right webpage. We offer you to learn how to start your wedding guest list.

In the event the invitation was quite sensitive for people who felt they did not accept the invitation even though they knew the bride well. And that often makes the bride and groom feel frustrated. They seemed to want to say that they not only deal with the invited guests, but all of them.

But who cares about the business of the bride and groom in preparing everything. Guests will never want to know how troublesome the event is prepared.

Maybe for most couples who are busy at this time will choose submit it to their Wedding Organizer for a wedding. But still how many invited guests must be prepared so that it can be determined where the location can accommodate the capacity of your invited guests.

In addition, the number of invited guests will also affect how many invitations you will print. You cannot make an invitation without estimating the number of guests.

Not to mention talking about the food you will provide in a wedding party. The number of your invited guests will determine what the concept of your wedding will be like.

In determining how to start your wedding guest list, don't just think about the guests of the bride. But also the guests of the parents of the bride and groom. You can't ignore their guests with the intention of not inviting them. Because the wedding party is for a wedding witnessed by family, including you also have to respect the guests invited by their parents.

To determine the number of invited guests there are several categories you can do on how to start your wedding guest list. Some of the categories we have prepared are :

1. Family

You will definitely invite your family to the wedding. Determine how many your big family members, including distant families who can only meet at a reunion. Make sure you take notes, including the number of children so that no one is left behind.

You cannot neglect your distant family without preaching it, unless the marriage is just a privacy wedding that is attended by people closest to you and is limited in number of guests. You will not have the heart to invite many other guests but your own family is neglected.

2. Close Friend

What is meant by close friends here are close friends of the bride and groom. For the number of invited guests themselves can be discussed together, they will equalize the number or depending on how many close friends.

This close friend category is almost like family, they are the people who are the best friends of the bride and groom. So do not be surprised if guests invited to private weddings still invite close friends.

Those close friends can be from friends since childhood, or friends that you get so far. Inviting them is usually not like an obligation, but there is a sense that you have to be witnessed by them. And you also want to see them happy with you in celebrating your wedding.

3. Proffesional Friend

This professional friend is the category of invited guests who come from your friends while working, both the office where the bridegroom works and the bride.

In inviting professional friends, this is not a necessity. Usually more because the taste is not good if not inviting.

4. Brides and Groom's Parents Close Friend

Now this usually you need to communicate more intensely with each parent. It is better if you ask from the beginning who the guests that parents want to invite. Usually more than friends and office friends of parents.

Often this stage creates a few problems. This is due to lack of communication and cause misunderstanding. As a form of your respect for parents, you should ask parents first so that they can be conditioned from the start if it is felt that the number of guests is too much or not in accordance with the budget.

5. Significant Friend

These significant friends are friends from organizations that you have participated in, colleagues, people who have met you and formed friendships, but cannot be categorized from school friends or office friends.

They are not your priority, but their existence is quite significant for you in certain conditions. If you have more budget, there is no harm in inviting them in your wedding.

From all the above explanations, you can begin to determine how to start your wedding guest list by using the categories above. Determine your budget first, then communicate with your spouse and parents about the concept of marriage you want.

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