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5 Commonly Missed Event Planning Checklist Details

There are some things that are often forgotten when creating event planning, so that you have to prepare it with an event planning checklist and make sure nothing is missed.

As an experienced event planner, you must have several keys to the success of your event, including preparing as much detail as possible. But for beginners of the event planner, there are some crucial things that can be a problem if you miss it. The limitation of human memory to remember important things you can overcome by making the event planning checklist details.

Not everyone is able to make an impressive event and the event will run smoothly. Although that is the hope of all the people who own the event and also the event planner. But there are some trivial things that could be a problem in the middle of an event if you don't check clearly.

1. Food

The first thing that concerns you is food. Where the event takes place will not be separated from matters of food. Because you have to spoil the audience not only with entertainment, but a variety of foods that you serve.

If you have finished preparing the required food menu, you need to make sure the food is also for volunteers. They are responsible for your event but sometimes forgotten. Give them time to eat and give a menu that is no less special, even though you provide it specifically for volunteers.

You also need to make sure allergy and dietary restrictions, so that you do not provide food that not many people can enjoy it. Choose foods with non-allergic and non-fat ingredients so that everyone can enjoy them without fear of allergies and fat.

Food and beverages provided usually also allow alcohol to be consumed by invited guests. Although only for certain events. Make sure there is alcohol licensing so that it does not cause problems, both during the event and after the event.

2. Logistics

The second thing you need to pay attention to is the logistics. This logistics can be in the form of music permits, event management agenda, room capacity and other places that can be used, and emergency kits. Because we will never know what will happen during the event.

If your event is attended by invited guests, and not an event for the public, do you need to provide name badges for your guests.

Usually the event planner team only prepares name badges for the committee complete with dresscodes, to make it easier to coordinate. But there are also some events that provide name badges for the guests.

3. Communication

Event planner must prepare as little as needed. You should also plan what can facilitate your communication with the people involved in the event. You cannot communicate directly with them face to face if the event is in progress.

Therefore you also have to prepare tools for how to speak with speakers, attendees, sponsors or exhibitors, and volunteers. They are people who are no less important in the course of an event.

Maybe when you make an event planning, you can do it yourself. But during the event you need teamwork. All you need to be able to move to succeed the event together.

So keep in good communication is also one important key to the success of an event.

4. Digital Connections

Maybe we will also forget small things like the availability of wifi, charging, etc. So we need to include it in the event planning checklist.

As an event planner must also provide for the needs of guests. You can paste the wifi password on the walls that are easily seen by people passing through it. You may also need to provide charging stations if your event takes hours.

In addition, you also need to provide announcing an app and hashtag event into digital connections. In the modern era, the impact of social media on the virality of an event is quite an effective way.

You only need to upload the event, promote via social media on Facebook or Instagram and give a special hashtag for your event. And invite your people and friends to upload or give likes and comments to your posts. Then your event will easily and quickly become viral in cyberspace.

5. Wrap Up

You also need to provide a feedback session for your event. Because after all you still need criticism and advice from people to improve your service as an event planner.

You can also find out the level of guest satisfaction from the wrap-up in the form of feed back. The way you can provide survey forms from attendees. Give them enough time and space, you can provide the form directly during registration if it's not annoying. You can also ask for their opinions via social media or email. You do this by asking for their email address during registration. After the event is finished you can send a feedback form to their email.

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