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5 Steps To Get Event Planning Perfectly

Event planning is always needed to make the event perfectly. You cannot possibly succeed just by making an impromptu event and without experienced people.

What about your dreams as an event planner? Are you sure event planner is your best career? If you like and hobby in designing something, you can try this event planning to become your hobby and career later. Because there will be many people who need that service.

To make a good event can not be done by novices or those with no experience at all. Because there are many things to think about before the event is held.

Here are 5 steps that you can try to make event planning. Even if you are a beginner, don't worry about being late for study. Because we will provide steps that will help you understand and be ready to practice it.

  1. Determine the purpose of the event

The first thing to think about is the purpose of the event that you created. If you are an event planner, you must know this before stating that you agree to handle the event offered.

Because without knowing the purpose clearly, you will meet a deadlock when in the middle of preparation. Do not be surprised if many things will be out of sync because you are not sure what the purpose of the event is.

Some event objectives can be for business events, exhibitions, charity, and weddings. If you already know the purpose, then you can think of something else to prepare it.

Anyway, before accepting a job as an event planner make sure you already have a big picture event that you will create later. You can ask a few things that you need to know at the beginning to be able to describe it.

If you get the big picture of the event, you can confidently accept the offer as the event planner.

  1. Build a team

For those of you who are beginners as an event planner, finding a team is not easy. Because many jobs will be handled by many people. On one hand, you are not yet familiar with your team's abilities. So this is quite difficult for you when working later.

But it's different if you as an event planner already have cooperation with several people to join your team. It will be easier for you to rebuild and direct your team's work.

Therefore, building this team you should first find suitable people to work with you so that when you accept your job, just contact and collect them.

If you are still having trouble finding people, you can form a core team first. Determine the people who will always work with you at various events. After that you decide when accepting the job, whether you need additional personnel or not.

In building a core team, you only need to give your core people basic tasks, such as the person in charge of location, food, entertainment, transportation, and budgeting. For other personnel you can add when receiving jobs to make event planning.

  1. Set A Date

After you find your team, the next thing is to determine the date of the event. This date is also important for you to do promotions and preparations.

You can first create banners or banners to inform you that on the date you mentioned there will be a certain event. So that the public can respond and begin to prepare to attend.

Can dates change? Try to keep the date unchanged unless it's really urgent. Because the date has determined everything that you prepared with the team.

You can change when certain conditions are not possible on that date, such as a natural disaster. Well, you will not be able to avoid disasters that occur so you have to change the date of the event.

  1. Brand your Event

It is better if your event is also branded, so that people will recognize and memorize the event that you will be holding. That way you can more easily attract people to attend.

A good brand is a brand that is able to describe what your event will look like. So that you too as an event planner must adjust it to the event planning that you create.

The brand that you create is also based on an agreement with the event owner, that is, who finances your event. You can offer several brands if they haven't thought of a brand for their event later.

  1. Make a Budgeting Plan

Creating an event cost budget is very important. Because it will determine the extent of the event you will create. You certainly have to ask the budget owner.

After that you can only look for locations, food, run down events, etc. You can adjust the costs provided. Don't forget to provide unexpected costs for things beyond your control.

Does the budget determine everything? Some event planning will indeed require a lot of budget if what is made is a big event. But you can hone your creativity as the best event planner in making a good event with a minimal budget.

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