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5 Tips How to Start An Event Planning Business With No Money

In this digital era, we often think of how to start an event planning business with no money. Because everything is done only from home.

The development of the online world for several years makes all human needs more easily available online. They just need to open the marketplace application on the smartphone and choose what they need. Only by ordering online will ordered goods arrive in 2-3 days. Except for imported goods that require a longer time to travel. Well, that's one of the results of how to start an event planning business with no money. The online sellers only sell at home, without stock of goods, they only market through the marketplace and get margin from sales.

So much fun is this rampant online business. Even the justice of an online business can reach thousands of dollars per month just selling at home. Their capital is only a smartphone and wifi or internet connection.

This online business is not only done by women who mostly stay at home, even many men who are successful as online businesses. Their names are various, such as reseller and dropshipper.

Working from home can indeed cut your budget in starting a business. And how to start an business planning event with no money can be answered with an online business that is only done at home. You don't need to think about a budget to rent a kiosk, shop equipment, and stock items. Your capital is just an internet subscription so you can always be online.

There are a few tips you can try to use to get started on how to start an business planning event with no money at home.

1. Gain Relevant Experience

You need to know that not everyone who tries to do business online will be successful. Maybe when he saw people selling cell phone chasing alone he could be successful every month to hundreds of thousands of pcs that were sold. And we finally decided to emulate it.

But apparently our expectations of the sales reality are less satisfying. Even though we just started. But human nature that always wants instant and fast results makes it quickly give up.

We do not know that that person is successful because he has fallen into his business several times. Although it is done online, the name of the business still requires a process.

In order not to give up easily in business, then you need to explore again what is your hobby. So you can do business with the passion you have.

Maybe you can also use your experiences, such as computer repair experts, writing hobbies, etc. You can offer your services online.

2. Expand Your Network

Expand your network of friends. If in conventional business, to find the network will be more difficult because people have to visit your store.

But for online business, you only need to promote through social media with interesting images. You can expand your network by adding as many relevant friends as possible.

In choosing this network you also have to be selective. Too many people are currently using social media, but you have to find people who are interested in your product.

3. Create Business Plan

A business plan is how you do business research, calculate a budget, and market your product. Even if it's done online, you also need to make a business plan so you know exactly where your business goals are going. You want to just sell or someday want to become a successful business owner.

Calculating the budget in business done at home is simpler. Many costs that you will cut, such as store rental fees. Because you don't need to have a physical building as your store. You can create a store in several marketplaces that many people visit when they are browsing.

4. Register Your Company

Although it is done online and at home, you must still register your company. Register your company by branding your own store and advertising it on social media. Because without you introduce it, people won't know that you have an online store.

You can also make your online store website. Currently there are also many services that provide website creation and content, you only give instructions and pictures to them.

If you don't want to go out of budget for website creation services, you can use free websites from wordpress and blogspot first before you choose premium websites. You can open YouTube to get a tutorial on creating a website.

5. Define Your Services

You must determine what you want your company to be in. You can choose trade or service. All you have to do is provide your brand name and a brief description of your store.

For example you sell clothes, then give the name of your shop and description, sell a variety of men's and women's fashion clothes style 2020. Show examples of pictures of clothes you sell along with the price.

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