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5 Ways How to Overcome The Excessive Anxiety

 Anxiety is hard for us to avoid. But getting to know yourself more deeply can be a way of overcoming undue excessive anxiety.

Excessive anxiety

Amid the covid-19 pandemic crisis, many people are affected, including depression, stress, and pessimism to live. Such mental conditions are not surprising because of their impact on lives, many business people are bankrupt, workers are out of work, and collapsed turnovers.

All negative feelings are triggered by excessive anxiety. We have a lot of thoughts and concerns about what lies ahead.

Here we will discuss how to deal with excessive anxiety so that our mental condition can be restored quickly and can seek alternatives to continue.

 1.  Be calm

Calmness helps us to think more clearly in times of crisis. We can't wait for the time the environment gives us. It was ourselves that created it.

If you have been so anxious that you lose focus on work, are prone to panic, and often feel depressed. It is good to let go of what has been your concern. For example, you worry business is down drastically and the customers all run away. Surely the condition is very frightening when you picture it and become panic. This panic is a manifestation of our negative thinking. It is better to imagine positive conditions than to fear the future.

Imagine the end of this pandemic and your business will rise again. You can also imagine your business surviving the pandemic crisis. You can still receive an omset, you can pay employees well and on time, you can add more assets to your business, and you can share more with the people in need. Surely this shadow is more pleasing than the last.

So just calm down and think of all the positive things that you want to happen to your life. Because once again what we think is going to happen. You can study the science of law of projection even deeper into Islam.

 2.  Do new things

Once you have cooled down, then you need to look for new activities that will add to your spirits. Do not worry about doing things that are out of your way, as long as they are positive.

It is also the event where you can do the things you've been wanting to do that concern your hobbies and passion. Maybe you didn't have time to do it, because you got stuck in a tight business routine. This crisis is calling upon us to do more indoor activity and online is a good time for you to move on to new things.

Realize that this crisis is not only you. But it is an opportunity for us to adapt to stronger ones.

 3.  Change life patterns

 If you have been out of sufficient exercise and are often late for meals because of accumulated activity, then it is time to start thinking about yourself and your own body.

You can start with exercise in the morning. The cool, fresh morning air will help your breathing better and the oxygen circulation in the brain to become fresher. After that you can improve your diet. Could by choosing a menu that has more vitamins and proteins. Perhaps you have enjoyed higher levels of carbohydrate food and thus have a bearing on less calm thinking.

 4.  Sleep well

How to deal with excessive anxiety resulting from depression and stress can result from increased sleep periods. Perhaps you have been deprived of sleep because of some thought and have become a habit and have resulted in insomnia.

You can overcome the difficulty of sleep by doing meditation, serenity is the key. Because when you are calm, you can focus your mind, free of confusion and complexity inside your brain. So anxiety can cause you difficulty sleeping.

 5.  Think positive

Positive thinking does not then ignore what is happening. On the contrary, our positive thinking can pave the way for our mind to get out of trouble. When we think of negative thoughts too much, then we become uncreative.
Positive thinking impels us to do something positive, resulting in a positive action as well. And all your anxiety is no proof.

These five tips you should practice in your order. You too can change initially impossible into possible if you know how to deal with excessive anxiety in yourself.

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