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10 Best Sites for Self Improvement

Self improvement is very useful for our mental health. In this all-digital era, too much information is available and we consume it without filtering it first, which ones are good and bad for us. Therefore, in my opinion, the best sites for self improvement recommendations will be very much needed in your daily life.

For site reference, I just found these two sites which I think are very useful for self improvement. Therefore, I added a self-improvement reference in the form of a youtube channel account that you can watch. Currently, many content creators are broadcasting self-improvement through the YouTube channel.


Best Sites for Self Improvement (Website)


Andrea Owen is a podcaster, international speaker, retreat leader, author of 52 Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life, author of How to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t, and owner of the website Previously, he called this website After creating the website, Andrea Owen began writing it into a book with the title How To Stop Feeling Like Sh*t (14 Habits That Block You From Reaching Happiness).

In my opinion, after reading the book and the website, it really had an impact on me, which previously always felt bad, felt that I was not on the same level as my friends, and other negative things that made me feel like trash.

She teaches how to think right about yourself, how to get rid of the inner criticism that you don't realize you always say to yourself. This website is perfect for those of you who feel like me, feel worthless and useless. You will find yourself worthy of being loved as you should be, instead of getting negative self-praise.

From this I understand that our biggest enemy is ourselves. Previously I did not understand why ourselves can become an enemy but it turns out that it happens unconsciously through our habits. This is the best sites for self improvement I ever read.



Founded in July 2011, SkillsYouNeed is a new and growing web service based in Wales, the rural part of England. SkillsYouNeed has years of experience in education, either face-to-face or through distance learning. This website can find out the skills users need to help improve people's lives, both professionally and personally.

The content of this website is not only used by individuals but also by schools, colleges, universities and commercial organizations around the world. SkillsYouNeed is part of the UK Web Archive, officially archived by the National Library of Wales. The website also provides high-quality information and resources that can help you learn and develop the skills you need to make the most of your daily life.


Best Sites for Self Improvement (Youtube)

1.       Analisa Channel

Analysis Channel is the youtube channel of a psychologist from Indonesia named Analisa Widyaningrum. Her passion in psychology made her a professional who also opened an APDC consulting practice in Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

Her YouTube account talks a lot about self improvement, of course, starting from how to maintain mental health, excessive anxiety, and much more. In addition to being on YouTube, Analisa also creates podcasts that you can listen to on Spotify anytime and anywhere.

2.       Lavendaire

Aileen Xu is a content creator, entrepreneur and often refers to herself as the artist of life. Currently, he is actively creating content on Youtube and also hosts his own podcast with the theme of self-development.

Lavendaire's YouTube channel brings practical, inspirational and thoughtful content to help you become the best version of yourself. Aileen tries to give enthusiasm and positivity to her followers on social media.

Some of the video playlists on his YouTube channel include How To Stay Positive, Self Care, Overcoming Fear, Empowering, Self Love, Worksheets and many more.

3.       Menjadi Manusia

Menjadi Manusa is a social-platform from Indonesia for people who want to share and hear stories about life from various perspectives. Menjadi Manusa means being human. Nowadays, Menjadi Manusia has presented its various contents to various social media, one of which is YouTube.

This channel with approximately 789 thousand subscribers is known to always provide inspirational shows, making it ideal for people who feel alone and have difficulties in life.

4.       Ted Talks

This official Youtube account from Ted Talks generally discusses many things, not only about self-improvement. But what makes it interesting are the speeches of prominent figures, from political figures to celebrities from around the world.

Often these Ted Talks bring themes related to self improvement. Examples are about recovering from depression, mindfulness, and issues related to mental health.

5.       Aida Azlin

This Muslim woman from Singapore is known as a writer, entrepreneur, and also an active Youtuber to inspire women around the world through her content. Aida is currently living in Morocco with her husband.

Aida's content is known to often discuss self-development combined with Islamic values. He also often tells stories of friends who inspire, but in a light way and relate to our daily lives.

Not only that, Aida is also known to have a podcast program #theaidaazlinshow on Spotify which brings in many inspiring guests.

6.       Muniba Mazari

Muniba Mazari is a world motivator from Pakistan. I think she is unique, special and irreplaceable. She is nicknamed The Iron Lady of Pakistan. Starting from an accident that happened to her at a young age, she had to spend his life in a wheelchair. But it did not make her despair, in fact many achievements she created.

I got to know Muniba Mazari's speech in 2017 when she spoke for the first time at a world event in Malaysia. Now she is also part of UN Women who is active in world social activities. She is also the founder of a food drive for street children in Pakistan.

7.       Pick Up Limes

This YouTube channel was created by Sadia Badei, a Canadian nutritionist. On her YouTube channel, Sadia often creates content based on her experiences in time management, maintaining habits, living a minimalist life and much more.

Sadia also often shares tips about healthy food. It also provides printable guides that you can print after viewing the video. So it can be directly practiced by the audience.

8.       Satupersen

Satupercent is a community focused on the area of ​​self-improvement consulting. Its founder, Evan, has a goal to make one percent the number one digital self-improvement platform in Indonesia.

Why is it called Satupercent? Because according to Evan, he hopes that one percent of those who listen to the materials can get a positive impact of at least 1% every day. Starting from a healthy soul, it will attract other positive things, such as career success, success in relationships, and developing self-skills.

So, which one best sites for self improvement ? I am sure that every of you have different experience about it.

Well, those are some sites, both websites and youtube channels that I recommend to be best sites for self-improvement reference. You only live once, so do good not only to others but to yourself.

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