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5 Tips for Hunting Blue Fire in The Ijen Crater

Many local and foreign tourists are curious about the phenomenon of blue fire from the crater of Ijen. This phenomenon is one of Indonesia's around of tourist attractions.

For those of you who like climbing mountains, Ijen Crater located in East Java, precisely on the border of Banyuwangi and Bondowoso, try to come to this place. This blue fire phenomenon is said to be only here. time Indonesia around, take the time to climb the Ijen Crater. This place is visited not only by tourists, but also by geologists and researchers.

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Here are 5 tips that you can practice to hunt blue fire. Because this phenomenon does not always exist.

  1. Climb around at 1 am in the morning

Time will be taken around 2 hours. The best time to see blue fire is at night, because when the sky is dark the blue color will become clearer. Blue fire will get smaller before 5 in the morning. You can go to the top of this Ijen together with Indonesia private tour from us.

  1. Dry season

The dry season is the right time to climb the Ijen crater. Because blue fire tends to be bigger. besides that, the road to climb is also not slippery. Feels less if you do not complete your collection of Indonesia around without visiting this place.

  1. Prepare Physically

Physical preparation to climb the Ijen crater needs to be prepared. Although this place is a tourist spot, the height of Mount Ijen must not be underestimated. So you have to prepare your health before climbing it.

  1. Prepare the best equipment possible

Do not forget the equipment that you must carry like the camera and the device. In addition, because you set out to climb at night then bring a headlight to make it more comfortable when climbing. You should also prepare comfortable footwear and socks because of the cold night air in the mountains. You need to prepare a mask to protect yourself from the scattered Mount Ijen dust.

  1. Do not come during the holiday season

Ijen crater with the phenomenon of blue fire has been known to the world, because in addition to Iceland, this phenomenon only occurs here. So choose a date other than the holiday season so that your climb is fun because of the hectic location. You can check your best schedule when planning of Indonesia around.

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