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The story of an early marriage in Pakistan, why get married early?

Pakistan is not the only country that still uses the early marriage traditions. Even in Indonesia certain areas still remain a tradition that is not only harmful to the health of the soul, the mental, and the physical. Even some Asian countries, such as myanmar, Cambodia, and Vietnam, continue to trade in women sold through fraudulent marriages.

Early marriage

There are two reasons why the state of Pakistan has a a culture of early marriage.

Early Marriage With Relative

The first reason why girls in Pakistan are married at an early age is because rich people in Pakistan don't want their property to move if their daughter marries a smaller cashed man. So it's not uncommon for Pakistani women who are not even 20 years old but they already have to get married. 

To avoid such a change in wealth they finally accomplished by getting a daughter married to the man her parents had chosen. Even if it was necessary to marry a man of your own kin, it was possible. The motive for this early marriage is because of the social status between the female and the male. The muniba mazari family is not sure where her ex-husband's family came from, whether it was one caste or one relative. This is because muniba mazari does not want her past life with her ex-husband publicly known to avoid unwanted contact.

 Economic conditions

The second reason is because of economic conditions. Actually almost identical to social status, it was only discerned that the first reason for not wanting the wealthy women's family to be poor was because the daughter had married the inferior man.

But the reason for this economic situation is that poverty still dominates people in Asia, especially Pakistan. Driven by easy Chinese people who can now enter the country with their China economic corridor (cpec) project for their network of ports, roads, trains and other energy projects.

Amid the influx of tens of thousands of Chinese citizens into the country is the close Allies and visa-on-policy policy that has prompted entrepreneurs and professionals unrelated to the cpec project to flood Pakistan.

 According to news sources, some Chinese people are also believed to have travelled to Pakistan in search of a bride. The legacy of one child's policy adopted in China over a decade along with the social preferences for boys has created an unbalanced society where millions of men cannot find wives.

The road so easy to enter Pakistan has created a new point of human trafficking. Where women of minor age are mostly Christian women, promised to marry a Chinese man by a priest. But upon arriving in China, they discovered that they had to serve another man at the behinst of her husband. With the reason that her husband has bought himself ata very high price, if his wife does not comply to get in touch with other men, then she will be killed and taken an organ to be sold in exchange for his purchase in Pakistan.

 It's a far cry from moral high ground when the Chinese take advantage of the economic condition of Pakistani women's families. They sought refuge under the guise of friendship between the two countries, Pakistan and China.

 In the year 2018 a Pakistani woman, hadiqa bashir (18), managed to escape the grip of a family that forced her to marry at the age of 11. During his escape, he founded a special community of women, girls united of human rights, which aggressively campaigned against premature marriage. He wanted to change people's views and the way they thought a child marriage was not the right solution. Especially when you're under 12. 

Community and Girls Not Brides campaigns like Bashir's are trying to change the way adults, especially parents, think to protect them children more better. Any girl has the right to speak out and get proper protection. Premature marriages also occurred to Pakistani women living in Austria. Sabatina, age 15, has to endure the discriminatory treatment of her parents that wearing a T-shirt and jeans or exploration on makeup is the same as a prostitute. The same is true when it comes to choosing extracurricular swimming classes and acting that are considered degrading activities.

 Sabatina's condition at the time was worse when her mother found a diary containing how she had ever kissed aman she was travelling ina park after school. Her mother broke sabatina's neck, kicked her, and slammed her against the wall, and called herself a whore. The implication was that her mother arranged her for an excuse when she was her age and ready for an alliance.

 Sabatina chose to rebel, she did not stay silent in the face of this alliance. He held on to his stand until he died that he would never see an arranged marriage, even though he had been repeatedly beaten physically and verbally, just like when his mother had found a T-shirt that was too tight and punished him by throwing shoes in sabatina's face. Sabatina's strong stand is considered a rank of defiance in front of other Pakistani descendants living in Austria. This made her mother even more cruel to sabatina. Sabatina has also been beaten in front of many of her family's eyes while visiting one of her relatives in Pakistan, where she is viewed as a prostitute because of teasing and getting scolded by a group of men, even though she is well-dressed. After her mother had finished beating her, her mother had given birth to herself, Shouting that she had given birth to a prostitute.

 The next event was that sabatina was eventually put into an islamic school like a boarding house. Sabatina was at the school for only 3 months, and then she was expelled for hunger strike. And he gave it back to his parents. Secretly sabatina had arranged something by pretending to accept the alliance and looking for a way to escape.

 During his escape, he stayed in a shelter and began to work in a cafe while he was ready to receive the surprise attacks from his parents who would often meet him at work and still insist on getting married. She was 18 years old and to him her parents were like a pair of demons haunting her life.

 Sabatina finally managed to escape to Vienna with the help of her friends. He renamed it, converted to Catholicism, and began publishing a book called my fight for faith and freedom last May 2010. The publication of the book refuted his parents' claim for defamation but was eventually won by sabatina. Next he founded a foundation called sabatina after her name, to provide protection for other women who were locked away with their parents' matchmaking system. To this day sabatina's widely spent life on the continent of Europe still remains to be seen, as she is under threat of murder from her father. So he has to use a temporary phone number if he wants to serve an interview request in a media outlet and be accompanied by police everywhere he goes. He had to move from one friend to the next to make his existence untraceable. She came to realize that this was the price of wanting to fight for freedom and upholding the confidence she believed in.

 The story of sabatina's life that had to feel the compulsion of an arranged marriage from her parents is also proof that there are many other stories, such as that muniba mazari lived through. Pakistani women must be wed at an early age, if they refuse therefore face the threat of killing from their parents. Because a Pakistani girl who resists his parents' order will be considered an embarrassment to the family and deserves the death penalty. Regardless of how sabatina from an islamic family chooses to convert to Catholicism, sabatina's life suffered enough because her parents made a marriage alliance. His tortuous childhood from his parents because a traditional value was forced upon him. Given the values that have tried to be instilled in them since childhood they are actually good values, just as a girl should not wear tight jeans and t-shirts, girls should not kiss boys, and other grades. In this case what is wrong is the punishment given to a daughter when she does things unreasonably appropriate, so be prepared for physical and verbal punishment from her parents, and there is no doubt that the parent will punish her in front of the crowd, which will certainly make the child feel ashamed and inferior.

 The child will become rebellious if he does not choose silence and obey what his parents command him to do. Unlike muniba mazari who chooses to be silent and obey everything her parents command her to do. She chose to do the wedding for her parents' happiness. If muniba mazari is not a Pakistani woman who obeys her parents, she may be one of honor killing's victims in Pakistan. Along with his dream of growing up, muniba mazari dreamed of becoming an artist oran artist, she loved to paint but never got the chance to express it in a real painting. That dream had only been a beautiful dream for muniba mazari to be prepared to bury after an arranged marriage. The future in the muniba mazari glasses when she turned 18 was a future she could never guess where she was heading. She could only be a obedient child to her parents and after marriage she grew up to be a submissive woman to her husband. There is nothing wrong with this, for even in Islam the nature of a daughter and a woman is like that. But what needs to change is the parenting and coercion that physically harm a girl's heart. Premature marriage would not be the correct solution if parents wanted their daughter to become obedient.

 There are many other ways that even girls can be viewed as completely human beings who have a right to freedom of speech and search for what becomes their happiness.

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