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Building Self Esteem After Toxic Relationship

Connecting or just communicating with toxic people can make you uncomfortable. More of that, toxic relationship can make lower your self esteem. Here are we talk about building self esteem after toxic relationship.

Toxic relationships actually don't only happen with our partners, but also with siblings, parents, friends, etc. When we feel uncomfortable communicating with someone or we feel disturbed, it means we are feeling the presence of toxic people.

Toxic people or toxic people not only abuse us physically, but also verbally. The relationship we have with them is what then becomes a toxic relationship.


What Is Toxic Relationship?

Toxic relationship is an unhealthy relationship and makes one of the parties (which is disturbed) uncomfortable. This relationship is characterized by behaviors that damage a person's physical and emotional state.

We must be able to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy relationships. If a healthy relationship is dominated by love, respect, and acceptance, a toxic relationship is the opposite.


The Signs of Toxic Relationship

There are some the signs of toxic relationship, if you are experience one of them you must to think again about your relationship.

1.       Feeling uncomfortable interacting, whether in person or virtual, with the person

2.       Feel insecure if you make mistakes that trigger conflict for fear of extreme repercussions

3.       Lack of mutual trust

4.       There is a tendency to want to be in control of one's life

5.       Feelings of hate, stress, and frustration

6.       One party always follows the wishes of his partner so he doesn't care about his own health and ignores his own needs


So how to overcome the toxic relationship if you already have that relationship? Let’s find way out of building self esteem after toxic relationship.


Building Self Esteem After Toxic Relationship

We also need to immediately repair the relationships that make us insecure. Because if we don't exist, we continue to ignore the discomfort we have and ultimately result in our mental health being disrupted.

1.       Admit that relationship is toxic

Understand first that what happened was our fault or not, and good or bad. It will be easier for us if we find that we are in the wrong. So we can fix it right away.

But if we still can't determine which one is good and which one is bad, then we will continue to go round and round there and get stuck in a toxic relationship. This will be a waste of our energy and time.

2.       Understand where the assumptions come from

It could be that all this time we have been stuck with assumptions that we unconsciously created ourselves. Driven by a sense of self-sensitivity that makes us feel excessively insecure.

When we feel that everyone is so bad in our eyes, should we change them to be who we want to be?

Sometimes it's not the situation that's wrong, but how we respond to a condition. We can't change other people, but we can change how we react to things.

3.       Keep the distance for the common good

When we feel uncomfortable with someone, then we should start to keep our distance from that person. This is natural for us to do instead of forcing an unhealthy relationship.

Keeping this distance doesn't mean we hate. Instead we try to handle ourselves not to hate too much. It's better not the person we hate but the behavior.

It's better if we communicate to our partner or people who we think are toxic that there are certain limits that cannot be tolerated.

4.       Do not lie to yourself

Every now and then we can try to compare how when we meet positive people. Then we continue to meet toxic people. Is there a difference there?

Sometimes we ignore how we feel just because we want to survive. Realize that it's not about staying or going, but about being honest with ourselves. Because if we persist for a healthy condition then our energy will be wasted and of course there will be bad effects for ourselves.

5.       Understand the wisdom of Toxic Relationship

Well this is interesting. When we realize that there is a toxic relationship, we will learn to know ourselves better, what is good and what is bad, and more importantly we have the choice not to do the same thing with toxic people.

So we try not to be toxic to other people as well. We can pick and choose what we should do to respond when they become toxic.

Another lesson is that we can learn to be a better person through them. In fact, toxic people are the best teachers for us. Because without them we cannot introspect ourselves.

6.       Meditation or Mindfulness

The next step or tip is to do meditation. With meditation, our minds can be more free and calm. In addition to meditation, we can also choose exercise as a means of mindfulness.

Look for things that encourage our thoughts and feelings to become calmer. After that we can analyze what is really going on.

We can also be neutral towards toxic people. This step makes us not feel like we are being annoyed and can be cooler in responding to something.

7.       Increase mutual trust

This seventh tip is very important for us in building relationships with partners. It is better to build mutual trust than to pretend to believe. The key is in communication. This is also can be the important part of building self esteem after toxic relationship.

But once again, if we think the relationship is untenable, then it's better to just let it go. Remember that our happiness lies in ourselves, not in partners or others.

How to overcome this toxic relationship teaches us more about how to love ourselves more, acknowledge what happens to us and the people around us.


Those are some of building self esteem after toxic relationship. Often what happens is that you don't realize that you are stuck in a toxic relationship. Even though it is very important to realize that you are in the wrong relationship with someone but instead you choose to stay. Restore your self-esteem by establishing a healthy relationship.

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