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Confidence Building For 5 Year Olds

Not many parents care about their child's self-confidence. It may also be due to a lack of knowledge from parents that it is important to build children's confidence from an early age, especially confidence building for 5 year olds.

In fact, most children grow up to be less confident individuals due to environmental factors, namely family. Yes, family is the closest relationship a child has since he was born.

For those of you who don't understand the importance of confidence building for 5 year olds or children, try to see what impacts affect a child's growth and development if he is not confident. The impact that occurs is that children are easily influenced by others, do not have a stance, have difficulty achieving achievements, are difficult to get along with, and are not happy. Therefore, start getting used to instilling a confident soul in children.


Tips Confidence Building for 5 Year Olds

Building self-confidence from an early age is very important. Here are the method :

1.       Give understanding that every child is different

This is also an effort not to compare children because every child has their own uniqueness. Associated with the strengths and weaknesses of each child, so that the child can better see that it is okay if he feels different. For example, when a child sees his friend is good at playing football while he is not. This is the time to give understanding to the child that he too must have other skills, it is necessary to continue to hone the child's abilities by trying new things.

2.       Give an example of a good role model

In addition to the role models from their parents, sometimes giving children examples of other role models also has a positive impact. For example, by introducing teachers who are broad-minded and wise, outstanding sports athletes, public figures who provide role models, both in the form of achievements and actions for children.

Is it necessary for parents to regulate their children in choosing their role models? Basically every child will have a fairly high curiosity in things that he does not understand. This is where the role of parents to provide direction to children. If parents are too dominant and authoritarian then the impact is not good. Try to give direction to the child rather than prohibit without explanation.

3.       Teach children to express their feelings

This is very important to be a way of communication between you and your child. Encouraging children to be able to express their feelings, for example through stories while playing with their friends, or doing their daily activities. That way we also know what children like and hate.

Introducing children to how to feel happy, sad, disappointed, is a good thing. In addition to not spoiling the child, it also makes the child sensitive to his own feelings when he feels happy or sad.

4.       Give empathy to children

Giving a sense of empathy to children is also an act that can use to confidence building for 5 year olds. For example, when there is a competition in their environment or school, but the child is hesitant to follow it. Ask how he feels and give your opinion as a form of empathy. If your child is afraid or embarrassed to appear on stage, give them the understanding that you used to be like that too, that feeling is normal. After that, give a positive stimulus so that the child begins to be confident to do it. Most parents in the past still used conservative parenting styles, especially people with eastern cultures, such as teaching shame, but eventually children were too embarrassed by their feelings of shame, thus limiting their abilities.

5.       Give a compliment

Praising children for their achievements is very important. It also ignites the child's confidence so that they can do it again better. You can give praise with words or reward giving small gifts for children. Praise does not have to be an expensive item, just with words the child will feel cared for and valuable.

6.       Pay attention

Paying attention will create a sense of confidence building for 5 year olds, especially for their growth and development. You can do that by just hearing his story without judging, knowing what he's been through, what he likes and doesn't like. That way the child will feel that he is valuable and loved so that self-confidence arises.

7.       Do not criticize children's performance

Actually this criticism also depends on what criticism is given to the child, it can be negative or positive criticism. Negative or positive criticism is seen from how it is delivered and the choice of words. Constructive criticism certainly does not aim to bring down the child. Don't get into the habit of criticizing your child by comparing them to their friends, because that doesn't make the child better, but makes them even more down and helpless.

Teach children also that failure is a natural process experienced by every human being so that in the future he is not afraid to fail. Children need to know that failure is another way to get back up so that children don't feel discouraged quickly.

8.       Give responsibility

Responsibilities in this case are also adjusted to the child's age, for example putting back toys after playing, starting to learn to make the bed after getting up, etc. Start with small activities that are close to your child's daily life. From there will begin to emerge a sense of responsibility from the child.

The relationship between a sense of responsibility and self-confidence is that when a child can be responsible, he will begin to believe in himself that he can do well. This will have a positive impact on the growth and development of children. But remember not to dominate the child too much in teaching a sense of responsibility.


So, those are 8 ways to confidence building for 5 year olds for those of you who are currently confused about educating children. We also have to learn from our past how we were raised. If we think there are mistakes in parenting while we are growing, then it can be used as a lesson so that we don't repeat it when guiding our children. Parenting mistakes are not due to bad parents to us, but can also be due to a lack of knowledge and also their family background.

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