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How To Be Successful in Life Without Money

Let's start the discussion about success this time with a mindset. Because the assumption that how to be successful in life without money is impossible, but the good news is it turns out to be just a mindset. In fact money is not everything even though money can buy many things.

The fact of the opinion above that without money we cannot be successful can be explained through this story. Once upon a time there was a child who got an inheritance after the death of his parents but the money ran out in a short time even though he had tried to make this and that business. Well, money is not the key to success then.

Understand the nature of money that runs out quickly, so it's better to have a productive mindset than just thinking about money. Money will follow.

So, How to be Successful in Life Without Money?

  1. Mindset

Mindset is everything but we have long believed that money is everything for our lives. Having a lot of money will make us happy, right? For example, two people, A has a lot of money but he can't manage money well, B has no money but is smart and creative. Who will survive and live a successful life? Of course B, because B has the capital to make money through his skills and mindset.

  1. Know Your Strenght/Potential

Recognizing your potential can be started from your hobbies so far. For example, if you have a hobby of writing, you can develop it into a content writer, book writer, etc.

Although recognizing your potential is not something instant, it takes a process so that you become convinced that this is an activity where you can become an expert. Hobbies are not only about what you like but what you have done consistently.

  1. Considerate to Surroundings

In order to be considerate to those around us, we can start by recognizing the market potential, one of which is, what is needed by the community you can make goals about what you are going to do and you can sell.

If we talk about success in business then this is very important. Because doing business means that you create activities that generate profits.

  1. Develop Skills

Once you know what your potential is, then you can start developing skills. Invest neck up by attending seminars or courses that can improve your skills. Most people are more busy looking for capital to buy raw materials but forget about honing skills.

  1. Start Now

Don't put off what you want to do. It's useless if you have conceptualized it in such a way but never started. If you delay what you dream of, then don't be surprised if you work hard just to make other people's dreams come true.

  1. Be Productive

Don’t compare your life, your ability, and your achievement with others. Because that’s not the way out for you to be successful. We can have an idol and then we want to copy his success. but that's not the way. Don't just copy but also learn what the mistakes were so they don't repeat themselves on your journey to success. Being productive also means thinking creatively and being willing to learn.


True Meaning of Success

As mentioned in the previous article about success. Everyone's definition of success is different. Don't equate your success with the success that other people want from you if you don't want to see yourself always feeling imperfect.

In the end you will ask if the meaning of success is different from each other, then how to be successful in life without money?

Remember that money is not the only capital for your success in life. There are many other factors that can lead you to achieve success in life, as mentioned above, how you think is what matters.

Of all these things, I think it is very important for you to improve your mindset first. This is not easy, because it requires a process so that the mindset reaches our subconscious mind.Of all these things, I think it is very important for you to improve your mindset first. This is not easy, because it requires a process so that the mindset reaches our subconscious mind.

If your mindset is still a lot of inner criticism, doubting your own abilities, and other negative things, especially the mindset that you need money to be successful, then be prepared not to succeed. Because it's not success that you get but negative sentences that you always think will come true.

You are what you think you are. So be careful to manage our thoughts so as not to trigger negative things that we don't want.


How To Be Successful in Life Without Money? Be Productive and Money Magnet

The key is to believe in yourself. It is the right answer from the way how to be successful in life without money. Your consistency and commitment to continue to be productive is what will be a money magnet coming to you.

In this digital era, which makes it easier for social media to become our unlimited consumption, it is increasingly difficult to have the right and healthy mindset. Because there are many things out there that make us compare ourselves to others.

I suggest you also read How To Stop Feeling Like Sh*t written by Andrea Owen. You also can visit the official website There you get the explanation that there are many things that we are not aware of that prevent us from being happy. This is very relevant for those of you who make happiness the key to your success in life.

Last but not least, the measure of success is not determined by the money you currently have. The wheel is always turning and don't despair if you are currently under difficult circumstances, especially financially. Don't limit your abilities to just having money. But continue to develop creativity that can give you inner and outer satisfaction.

Believe that life just to chase money is very tired, so don't start your life with money. How you can be successful in life without money it all depends on the mindset you have because often we are limited by our thoughts. So free yourself, your mind, and be productive.

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