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Rebuild Confidence After Depression

First of all I want to know how important self-confidence is to you? Is it for survival, pursuit of happiness, or some other reason? Let me tell you that rebuild confidence after depression also means that you are ready to reopen those old wounds.

Therefore, you need to know how severe depression is, how the healing process is and whether it has been completed. Rebuild confidence after depression is related to the healing process which is also different.

I'm not going to talk about depression here because I think you already know that and now it's time for you to start your journey again.


Tips to Rebuild Confidence After Depression

  1. Make a List of Your Weaknesses or Your Fear

This is quite difficult to do because you inevitably have to remember what made you depressed. Like opening an old wound where you will feel triggered about what makes you uncomfortable.

But like you are treating a blister when you fall on a bicycle, you have to clean the wound not so that it doesn't get infected, which must be very unpleasant, then you put a plaster on the wound. Similar to the inner wounds that make you depressed, you also need to describe them first before taking steps to be more confident.

It's hard but I'm sure you can do it. Trust me! That means you don't neglect yourself, try to care more.

  1. Thinking Positively

After describing what you found hurtful, you also need to look at your past wounds from another perspective. Not the same as in the past that made you entangled in your own inner condemnation. Start thinking positively about yourself, appreciate every self-achievement, and believe in yourself that you can get through everything well.

  1. Don’t Bring Too Much Feeling

Don't get carried away. Often this feeling just appears because it is too long a habit that we have so that our subconscious gets used to it. It doesn't matter. Slowly try to fix that feeling through the signs that are often presented. As soon as the feeling is present and makes you uncomfortable, quickly realize that it is only your feeling of helplessness that will hurt you.

Let me tell you that you really don't need to be so disappointed or anxious about what other people think of you. Instead of thinking about you all day they are just giving you less than 10 minutes of glances and it will pass. But you used to think of it as something that made you think about it all day. Hey, other people don't have that much time to think about you. Just like you, they are more busy taking care of their own problems. So ignore it.

  1.  Choose Sport You Like and Do It

According to research, sports activities that are carried out regularly can restore a better mood. With exercise you feel every movement of your body and begin to feel happy.

  1. Do Something New

If you are bored with your usual activities, try something new. Most are afraid of trying new things because they think it will not be comfortable, afraid of failure, and other bad things that will happen. Even though it's just your thoughts. Remember that your thoughts also become suggestions of what will happen.

Don't be afraid to fail, think that failure will only make you more advanced because there is a lesson in every failure. Be passionate about trying new things for sure it will be fun.

  1. Feed Your Mind

Feed your mind with positive things, such as reading books, attending seminars, courses, etc. Don't let yourself sink into helplessness by indulging him in watching sad dramas that will make you feel even worse.

Those are some tips for rebuilding confidence after depression. Depression is not a bad thing, it can happen to anyone. Take a break in your life, re-experience painful situations and find patterns. After that you start giving positive stimulation to build your confidence back.

The belief that you deserve that confidence again. You are not as bad as you think and stop feeling like trash.

Don't hurt yourself by ignoring your feeling. Don't like to please other people just because you feel guilty or it's your duty. Remember that their happiness belongs only to them, not you are responsible. Instead, you are responsible for your own happiness.

Understand that each of us has weaknesses, we just don't show them. We don't know that her beauty on social media has to go through days full of struggles, namely treatments, strict diets, and thousands of shots. It's the same with you, what you think is better than you are now, you don't know what you've been through.

So you are more calm in dealing with life. Slowly rebuild confidence after depression. You deserve it.

One thing that will still prevent you from returning to confidence after depression is when you still see other people as more everything than you. It will only make you depressed again and fall deeper into helplessness.

Therefore, start looking at other people the same as you. Those who you think are great must also have their own tough journey, although you can't compare which journey is heavier. Because of course our abilities are different.

Depression is not supposed to bring you down, but to make you stronger. When you are destined to feel it, understand that you are the chosen one who is able to go through it.

I know it's hard. I know how struggle you to cover it. The days with depression are exhausting. so wake up and find your happiness. That way you will be more confident to face the world.

No one can help you but yourself. Even self-improvement books, psychologists, they are just a stimulus for us. We are the ones who can truly heal ourselves. So don't wait for someone else to come to your aid.

Rebuild confidence after depression will be a new thing for you. yes, the new you. start with a new life and hope. The past cannot simply be lost from memory, but it is actually a true teacher who gives valuable lessons for our lives for a better future.

Like my idol motivator said, "don't look for a beautiful place but make it beautiful where you are now". Thanks for Muniba Mazari, you make the world a better place.

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