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What Is Resignation Letter and How To Write It

You should make a resignation letter if you want to leave the company where you currently work. It will help you to go through the process.

Not a few of us who want to resign from work but are constrained in making resignation letters. Maybe imagining you having to face your boss while carrying a two week notice letter is already uncomfortable. And finally you do not become resigned because your guts are not strong enough to do it.

Actually, just like when you apply for a job, you will be interviewed, whether it's HRD or your boss directly. Procedure for resign, too, you must make a letter in advance about your resignation plan. And you will be asked to face your boss.

Maybe for us this situation is different from when applying for a job, where our passion is still passionate about wanting the job. But when you want to submit a resign, you feel it is more difficult to do than when you review work.

But it all depends on what reasons we bring. We will become less confident when we make mistakes and want to quit the job. So first determine the intention and drive what dominates you to make resign decision.

What Is Resignation Letter?

Resignation Letter is a letter submitted as a resignation plan from the workplace. This letter is part of the procedure in the resignation process. You must go through this process as your good intentions to end your work as well as possible.

Without this letter, the company cannot process it because it has no reason for submitting your resign in writing.

Why We Should to Write This Letter?

As you enter the company and become part of the family of the company where you work so far, you must make a resignation position if you intend to quit the company.

This is because you have started well, so you should end it well. But what if the reason you resign is because of your personal problems with your coworkers?

Of course you have to think again if this reason dominates you in resign decisions from the office. You don't need to go this far if it's only because your co-workers aren't comfortable. However you need to consider the reasons for your future.

Personal issues do not make you comfortable while working. But you also must be able to behave. Don't deal with the problem with anger and selfishness.

You better rethink about how you feel, is it true and necessary for you to immediately resign, whether it can not be fixed again your problem and your coworkers, and other considerations.

Realize and know that your strongest reason is related to your own future. Don't let you feel uncomfortable and sacrifice your future by resigning. This should not be used as an excuse for you to make a resignation letter.

How to Write Resignation Letter?

Writing resignation letters is almost the same as writing other letters. You only need to write from the beginning about your intention to resign.

First you need to ask the HRD section how the resign procedure in your company. Usually before you make a resignation letter, you must make two weeks notice first as a notification for your resign plan.

This is to anticipate what the company must prepare related to the facilities that will be obtained after resigning, looking for your replacement, and of course convincing yourself whether you are sure to resign.

If you have been doing well so far, it is not surprising that your resign process will be difficult and your employer will offer salary increases and ranks to keep you from working at the company.

You can see examples of resign letters that we provide. You simply change the recipient's return address, and the reason for your resign. This moment of convincing yourself is indeed the most difficult for you. Therefore, it is good for you to see from your own future not from the problems you are facing.

Look for your strongest reasons that make your boss can't hold you longer. Know that resign is the right of employees to determine their future. So there is no reason you feel unconfident anymore.

Avoid problems with coworkers who have made you uncomfortable, so that your resign decision is not in doubt.

How to write resignation letter is located on the extent to which you know the company's resign procedure and what is the reason you resigned. Don't get too hung up on discomfort. Every job has its own inconveniences.

If your problems have been uncomfortable because of coworkers, try to make peace so that you will feel comfortable with yourself and the environment.

Try to convince yourself first before you submit the letter to your boss. That way you will be confident when facing your boss. You will still have doubts when submitting a resign if you yourself are not sure about your strongest reason to resign. The key before making a resign letter is self confidence. do not let you regret it after your resign submission is approved.

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