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11 Important Parts of Business Letter That You Should Learn

Office work activities make us have the skills to communicate through any media, especially business letters that we often use.

Business letter is a communication that is woven through a letter sent to someone who is still in the same company, or can also be inter-personal inter-company. Usually this letter is used in order to discuss something related to business, such as appreciation of cooperation, apologies, inquiry orders, etc.

The purpose of a business letter is a way of communicating that is still related to business in order to convey information, persuasion, motivation, or promotion. This letter must be typed on paper and printed in a standard 8.5 x 11 format.

The following is the structure of a business letter that you can learn before you make it:

1.      Letter Head

Letter heads are always available for formal letters. This section contains the company logo, company name and work unit, office address, and contact.

In making this letter head it is actually important for you to examine its neatness. Because there are still many employees who when making letters the letter head section still looks sloppy, between the logo and company name does not match its location, asymmetrical, etc. Even though this letter represents us in conveying something, it is appropriate if in making it also requires seriousness.

2.      Reference Line

The reference line contains a letter number that is complete with the initial company or work unit and the title of the archive, for example whether it is a letter out for a notary or others. Usually followed by a slash or a colon. For example: BS / KF / 2019.

3.      Date line

The date of the letter is always at the top by writing the name of the place where the letter was made first. There is a difference between writing American Style and British Style. If British Style the position of the date of the letter is in the upper right, for example writing 3rd May 2019. While American Style is written in the upper left with writing May 03, 2019.

4.      Inside Address

This section contains the recipient's information, in the form of name, position, work unit and address. So you have to know clearly what your letter will be addressed to. Often what happens is we don't know the name, if so you can just write the position.

5.      Attention Line

This section may or may not, because this section is like a statement about what letter you made. If you need to provide a letter title, you can put it in this section. Some people use it so that the recipient of the letter can immediately find out what the letter is about.

6.      Salutation

Before you begin your paragraph, you must write a salutation for the recipient of the letter, such as "Dear Mr. / Mrs. (name of recipient of the letter) ". Then give a gap between the salutation and the contents of the paragraph.

7.      Body of Letter

This section is the core part of the letter you made. Whatever you want to convey is in this section. You can write it in a few paragraphs without a space delimiter.

8.      Complimentary Close

This section is a sign that you have finished delivering the contents of the letter, but you have not finished writing the letter. Because you have to end it well. Usually at the end contains a thank you and / or apology. Many people end their letters with "Sincerely Yours", "Best Regards", etc.

9.      Signature

After finishing writing the last part of the closing paragraph, you can give your signature and your name. You can also give your position and company stamp.

10.  Enclosure

Usually a business letter is created as an introduction to sending a file. These files will be your attachment.

11.  Carbon Copy Natation

This section is often abbreviated as CC, located at the bottom left. In making a business letter, there must be a connection between one work unit and another. So you can provide CC information for other work units. If your CC is more than 1 work unit, don't forget when sending you crossed out the names of other work units. With this CC you don't need to be hard-pressed to make a large number of letters with the same contents.

In addition to the structure in making a business letter, you also need to know the elements that are found when you make the letter. The first is to pay close attention to who receives the letter. Because you can't use the same language in all types of letters. If the recipient of your letter is an ordinary person who does not understand the terms office, you should be able to adapt it to the use of language that is simpler and easier to understand.

The second element is the professional attitude that you show in the business letter writing language. You should still be polite, gentle, avoid negative words, such as threats and slander. To whom you send letters, try to use positive language.

The third is that the letter you made shouldn't be too many pleasantries. You should write it based on the points you have to say. So that the contents become clear and easy to understand.



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