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3 Keys to Healing Hidden Inner Wounds

If we continue to ignore our inner wounds, then be prepared to suffer infection from the inner wounds themselves. There are 3 keys to healing inner wounds that have been buried for a long time but we continue to ignore them.

Having mental wounds such as physical wounds. When we fall and our body hurts, whether it's a scratch or a scratch, we know it right away and rush to heal it. Sometimes we panic when the wound bleeds.

But we often ignore our inner wounds because they are invisible and we don't want others to see them. Yet we should treat mental wounds the same as physical wounds.

When we have a physical wound, we will immediately clean it and treat it. Then we close the wound so as not to be scratched by other objects. When we clean the wound, we endure pain, but we still want to treat it so that it heals. Even if you have to endure pain when cleaning it.

When we have inner wounds, then what do we do?

We often let it, even as if to forget it. We don't even want people to know when we cry from the hurt because we don't want them to know.

In fact, our actions often become traumatized when things accidentally offend our inner wounds. We have forgotten, as if we did not see it. But when something reminds us of something, we know that the wound is even deeper.


For those of you who are experiencing inner wounds, because:

Ignored by loved ones

Ignored by parents

Failing to get or achieve something

Betrayed by people we trusted

Being abandoned by our partners, and other unexpected situations that occur in our lives.


The things above often trigger us to get hurt and hurt. But few people are able to overcome the wound and heal it.

If we still feel depression, anxiety, isolation and loss of will, it means that our inner wounds have not healed.

There are 3 keys to healing inner wounds that have been buried for a long time.

1. Know and realize that we are being hurt

Like when we experience physical injuries. We will soon know that there are parts of our body that are in pain and even bleeding. So we will be more careful and treat it immediately. We'll choose to treat it ourselves if it's a minor wound or take her to the hospital if it's severe enough and stitches are needed.

So it is with our inner wounds. Immediately realize that our hearts are hurt and hurt. Don't try to ignore it. Better to withdraw first to be able to cure it.


2. Ask ourselves if we need help from others

Often asking for help from others in our opinion is showing our weakness. Not at all. Instead asking for help from others is a courage that we have. We are not afraid of others knowing, we are not afraid to be seen as weak, we are not afraid to ask for help.

If our physical injuries immediately take her to the hospital, is that something that shows our weakness? Likewise with inner wounds. We can ask other people to help us share our stories. Of course we have to choose the right people and people who make us comfortable when we tell stories.


3. We have to face that wound again

Just as we treat our physical wounds. We try to clean it so that no dirt sticks and causes infection. We will endure the pain when the wound is cleaned.

Yet our courage to evaluate our inner wounds is often less. We don't want to talk about it anymore, we don't want to remember it anymore, we are more comfortable turning our attention to something else. Imagine if that was what we did to our physical wounds, would we still be okay with leaving them open?

Cleaning up the hurt means revisiting the traumatic event and allowing ourselves to feel the pain again. It's okay because that's the healing process. This is painful but we have to go through it again. Don't be ignored.


The 3 keys to healing mental wounds above are quite a long healing process, including how we forgive, accept, and let go.

It takes patience with ourselves. Don't be angry with yourself once in a while if it takes time to heal. Our hearts are not like the contents of a computer that is simply deleted and it will disappear on its own.

Instead, make peace with yourself, recognize and realize what our inner wounds are like. And reward ourselves for being willing to get hurt. Our job is to heal him.

Many people are still feeling the emotional pain caused by past events. Even though we have gone through months to years, the inner wounds are still there. Because we never really heal it.

Time cannot heal our inner wounds without us taking the process to treat them. The 3 keys to healing inner wounds are in how we forgive, accept, and let go.

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