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5 Benefits of Billing Statement Template

Billing statement templates are almost always used in every transaction made. If you are a business owner, you also have to prepare it.

Billing statement is a transaction record that is made every time a payment is made periodically. Don't worry about making a billing statement because we have prepared a billing statement template for you to use to record your customer's transactions.

Every transaction related to money will always use a billing statement. For example when you shop at the supermarket, you will definitely get details of the purchase, if you have made a deposit with your shopping card then you do not need to spend cash money because you only have to swipe for payment.

You can note various payment methods, whether cash, debit or credit in the billing statement template. The following are the benefits of uses of the billing statement template itself.

1. Valid proof of payment

The billing statement template is used as valid proof of payment from the customer. The person in charge of making billing statements, of course, is the seller. The seller can record every transaction made by the customer.

The excel billing statement template provides columns that can be used to record transactions, including payment dates, items purchased, number of items, payment methods, and other related matters.

So that this billing statement can be a valid proof of payment. You as a seller can recap and send to customers every month.

2. As a tracker

Billing statement can also be done to track the goods ordered, because in the billing must contain a barcode that can be tracked by the customer.

So every time your customer makes an indirect purchase, the seller asks for payment before sending the goods. After repeated payments the seller prints a billing statement given to the customer. Customers can track where the items have arrived with the barcode listed on the billing.

3. As an archive

Aside from being a valid proof of payment, billing statements are also used for archives that can be stored. The seller provides the original billing statement to the customer while the copy is kept for archive.

One time the files can be used if needed. So the compilation of records in storing billing statements must also be neat. Try to be stored according to the transaction date to make it easier when looking for it again.

Don't mix the billing statements of the customers. Separate them by customer name. Separate your loyal customers first and the transactions are often done so that you can archive it into one.

You can print it when you need to archive your hard copy or customer. If the customer loses the billing statement, you can copy the copy to the customer.

4. As a periodic transaction report

Transactions that are often done will usually be recap every month. You can recap it by just looking at the billing statement template from the customer transaction.

If you apply a deposit in the payment of your goods. You can easily send a customer periodic balance deposit report. You can send it via email without printing it up to multiple sheets of paper.

If you apply a credit system to customers, you can check past due payments from customers with a billing statement. Because inside you also give information about the payment method. You can also inform customers of any transactions that are almost due.

Although this credit is somewhat risky if it turns out your customer is not loyal, so be careful in providing credit relief to customers.

This is like when we use a credit card, we will receive billing statements sent by the bank every month. We will know what transactions we do with a credit card, how much the payment is, how much interest is charged, and when is the due date.

Usually sending billing statements relating to payment due will not be tight from the past due date. About 3-4 weeks before you will be given an email reminder billing statement on your credit card usage. So you can prepare payments and do not cross past due due dates.

In addition, you also know the balance due on the credit card. There is still how much you can use.

You should pay for the use of this credit card on time, because if not the interest charged will increase and it adds to the amount you have to pay.

5. Simplify sales records

Billing statement template will help you in recording all types of your transactions with customers. Don't worry, we have provided various templates that you can choose according to your needs.

Because each payment will be different notes. So you need to make it in large quantities, you just print our templates. Before printing you can customize it with the columns you need.

If you don't want to use the billing statement, you also just have to delete it. But you better save it without having to print than you throw away your sales and purchase transaction archives.

Make a detailed and informative billing statement that your customers feel comfortable dealing with. Provide other system support related to payments so that your business is more professional.

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