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6 Form of Communication that You Must Master

Several form of communication complete the importance of communication. Communication is the key to someone's success to expand the network.

A person's success is determined by how he masters various forms of communication. Is that opinion wrong? Although communication is not the only determinant of one's success. But communication is a key part of one's success, because without communication skills it will be difficult to interact with other people.

Then what about introverts who find it difficult to open up? The nature of this introvert does not necessarily become a barrier for someone to communicate. The many ways of communication that we are familiar with various forms of communication can be an alternative for them to interact with others.

Communication doesn't have to be about talking to other people with spoken words directly. Everyone has their own character. And this communication becomes a different skill from them to explore their abilities in front of others.

It is undeniable that communication is our need now. Without communication skills we will find it difficult to convey something to others.

Here are 4 types of forms of communication that you can use for daily activities.

1. Verbal

This communication is called talking directly, face to face. This communication can also be done through other media, such as telephone and video calls.

This communication emphasizes the interaction formed by two or more people directly in a language that they understand each other. Skills in verbal communication are often used when we are chatting with other people, presentations in class or work team, and offer products directly to consumers.

It takes courage at a high level to be able to master this verbal communication technique. Because many people are still nervous about being able to speak in public.

In addition to being brave, they must also have sufficient self-confidence in expressing their opinions. Because they have to talk directly, so the confidence here must be mastered sufficiently and not excessively.

In using this verbal communication try to use filler words, like "um", "like", "yeah", "so", etc. The use of filler words is indeed natural, but if you use it often, your listeners will be disturbed and bored. So avoid filler words will be better.

2. Non Verbal

Non verbal communication is a form of communication that uses body language and gestures to express feelings. For example when you are sad, happy, etc. Maybe for introverts it's also harder to use non-verbals than extroverts because extroverts are more expressive.

To master this non verbal communication, train your body language to express something, be intention for your feeling, and try to practice non verbal verbal effectively. So you can be more expressive.

Non-verbal language is more widely used to train self-sensitivity in interacting. Deaf people are also more likely to practice non-verbal communication to be able to communicate with others.

3. Written

Writing is the form of communication used by writing, typing or printing symbols. This writing skill is much loved by introverts, because with their writing they can better express their feelings.

You can improve your writing skills by always making effective writing, don't rely on tone because your writing will not sound, review your writing again, and save your writing for a time you can read again.

The technique in writing becomes something unique to learn when many people are interested in reading what you write. writers can describe the situation only by writing in beautiful language.

4. Visual

Visual communication is a way of communicating shown by photography, art, scenes, drawings, etc. People who are experts in visuals are mostly artists. They pursue it because of a hobby, it could also be because of their work in the visual field.

They prefer to tell someone with their work, either through paper, canvas or video. Many young people nowadays are fond of the world of graphic design. It all makes them practice how to express themselves through pictures.

This visual communication becomes a communication skill that is no less important. They can create attractive colors and images. It is precisely this communication that is much popular today is a combination of verbal and visual. They verbally explain simply and then the picture is made into a video visualization of what they explain.

6. Listening

Listening is not often categorized in the form of communication. if we look at active listeners, they listen to people in communication. They look like they don't do anything, just listen.

But without listening to other people we cannot listen and we cannot respond to what the person is talking about. Because listening is still a form of communication in response to the conversation of others.


Maybe not all of your form of communication skills are mastered. The important thing is to set your goals to learn them step by step. You can find a mentor to guide you in mastering effective communication techniques.

At present there are many training centers that provide guidance services to improve communication skills. Sometimes occupying a position is also needed to master certain communication techniques.


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