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6 Tips To Write Interview Thank You Letter Perfectly

You should send the interview thank you letter after you have finished the interview session. It will make an impression for the company.

Not much is done in an attempt to make an interview thank you letter. Most of the job applicants prefer to forget about it and look for other job vacancies. That means they don't really want the job. Despite their reasons, they feel unsure of being accepted at the company, so they are reluctant to make an interview thank you letter.

Actually, regardless of the decision is accepted or not during a job interview, it shouldn't necessarily make you feel no need to make an interview thank you letter. We never know for sure how big our opportunities are.

So make the letter after the interview is done. And give your greatest hope for the job.

The following are tips on how you should write a thank you letter interview well.

1. Eliminate the feeling that you will fail

The first occurred in your mind when going to make this letter is yes or no. Maybe you feel the interview yesterday was a little embarrassing and you don't want to remember it. So you are reluctant to send a letter. Even you don't expect to be accepted at the company. It all depends on yourself in deciding.

Well, for those of you who still have doubts. Maybe you can apply this in your mind, that everyone is not perfect, and mistakes are natural. Whether you fail or succeed as a human being who knows the gratitude for the interview opportunity provided, you should send the letter.

This means you are forced to think positively. Even though your interview wasn't perfect yesterday. But act fine. Failure does not necessarily make you fall, but make failure a valuable lesson for you. Let's just say you know more about things that you shouldn't say.

So prepare mentally before the interview to deal with all the possibilities that occur will keep yourself stable after the interview.

2. Leave a good impression after the interview

If you cannot give your best when the interview is done. At least you have the desire to give your best impression via interview thank you letter.

Your decision to immediately make an interview thank you letter will be memorable for the interviewer. They instead think about how your interview is, but instead consider you to be the toughest candidate in that position. Because according to your company you have a stable soul, whatever the conditions will not affect your attitude.

The company will think that they need people like you, who are tough, are able to admit mistakes and correct them immediately. That's the kind of impression that gets to them if you decide to send a letter.

3. Send an interview thank you letter via email or post

You better choose an email to send the letter. Because you need to make sure the letter is sent within 24 hours. If more than that then the contents of your letter will not be updated and the recipient of the letter will feel the letter is stale.

4. The best time to send it

Then the question arises when the right time to send the letter. Make sure your email does not interfere with working hours. Because your email could have been read at a glance and then because they are busy at work.

The right time to send a letter is around 12 pm-1pm. This time is office time, and usually they are relaxing during work hours.

Make sure you send it not every few days. But if the interview is done on Friday and Saturday is the company holiday you are applying for, then send a letter on Monday. If you force yourself to send on Saturday, your email will be read on Monday and that makes the contents of the email no longer relevant.

5. The language used in the letter

You should not use language that is too formal. Companies usually prefer people who speak casual but are still polite. Most companies today do not use formal language in the internal staff.

6. What are the contents of the email

Like sending emails normally. You just need to say thank you to the company or the person who interviewed you.

First you fill in the subject of the email and the beginning of the email with salutation. After that you say thank you for the interview opportunity. You also need to apologize for the mistakes that occurred during the interview.

Customize your email by providing unusual contents.  Give feedback about some of the things that you talked about with the interviewer so they know that the email was specifically written for them, not copy and paste emails. Suppose you had time to discuss a hobby, and they responded by reading it before? If not, try it. You can write it as part of your e-mail discussion by answering, "After an interview I took a bookstore and I found it, I didn't think that the contents were as good as you said, even though I only read a few pages.

Now try the tips above so that the letter becomes unusual.


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