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Successful Sons of Single Mothers

Often people give one eye to single mothers who raise their own children. Although there are also some who sympathize and empathize with single mothers struggling to raise their own children. But successful sons of single mothers is possible.

This article will discuss how the son of a single mother can be successful in his life, even though he grows up without the figure and role of a father. My goal in writing this is to give you a new perspective on what could be happening and the facts around us about successful sons of single mothers.


Negative Views on Boys Raised by Single Mothers

It is not uncommon to assume that the son of a single mother will not succeed in life. Because of the opinion of the lack of a father's role in his life. There are some facts about successful sons of single mothers.

The negative thoughts from the community actually give suggestions that there are single mothers and their children. When they hear that talk, if they are not strong enough to defend their beliefs, single mothers and their children will give up on life and become unsuccessful. As people say.

We see more broadly about the fact that children grow up, whether they come from complete families or not. How many successful children come from complete families? And how many children are not successful even though their families are complete?

If you can find just one case of children who failed in their life despite having complete parents, then your assumption that children raised by single mothers will fail is an incorrect assumption. Because there is no guarantee that single mothers fail to educate and raise their children to become successful children.

As many of us know, there are also sons from complete parents, who have family privileges, but they can't make good use of it and eventually become a failure. Failure in this case, in my opinion, is that the child becomes a drug user, commits a crime, and even becomes corrupt.

Well, there are also many corruptors who were born and raised in a complete and well-off family environment. Being a corruptor is a failed life in my opinion because he eats what is not his right, playing cheats to eat property that does not belong to him.


Single Mothers As Best Support System for Sons

It can be concluded that there are several factors that can affect the successful sons of single mothers.

1. Mother's Upbringing

This mother's silence is the key to how a child grows. Even this mother's upbringing has an effect since the child is in the womb. The memory of early childhood up to 12 years can be stronger so that they can record more events and upbringing.

Therefore, how hard and painful life is, do not fight in front of the child. Moreover, giving examples of violence in front of children. It will give bad memories for children.

2. The Character of the Environment Where Children Are Raised

Where the child is raised will also have an effect. For example, if the environment where the child lives is already known to many people who become thieves, then the child may be affected if he hangs out with them.

However, if a single mother cannot choose another place due to limited resources and funds, then this can be circumvented by limiting the child's ability to interact with an environment that is known to have bad character. Give understanding to the child why he is not allowed to hang out with the children in his environment. Children can't just take it for granted without being given a clear reason. He will tend to rebel because of the curiosity of a big child.

3. Spiritual Soul of Children

From an early age children need to be equipped with good spirituality, for example how children know the Creator, and instill faith in children slowly. This will greatly help the child when he grows up in dealing with the outside world.

In my opinion, being a religious person is not enough without being spiritual. Because faith and faith will only be had when he has a sense of spirituality.

Because of the importance of this child's spiritual soul, from an early age it is started to be instilled from daily habits. It's okay at the beginning the child will feel forced and make it a routine. So when he grows up what he knows about his religion, he will begin to understand. For example, as a child, children only know that they have to go to the mosque, to church, even though children don't really know why they go there, it's okay. Over time the child will begin to learn to understand why he worships.

Spirituality is also the foundation and guide of human life. Because human desires are unlimited and never satisfied, faith is needed in their hearts. If there is no faith then he will be easily influenced by the world. Children can become easily discouraged and may have suicidal thoughts if they have problems in their lives.

So this spiritual thing should not be forgotten in the child's growth and development.


The Successful Sons of Single Mothers

Boys who grow up in a good environment, get a good upbringing from their mother, will have the desire to live a better life too. Not infrequently they grow up with the desire to make their single mother happy, who has struggled to raise her without a father.

His single mother became his passion to become a successful person. That is the dream of a boy raised by a single mother. So successful sons of single mothers caused by son's spirit.

Not infrequently we also see today's public fogure who was only raised by single mother in the past. They can be successful without a father present. Regarding how the trauma he had from growing up without a father was another thing related to his mental health.

However, what is emphasized here is that it is not always the son who is raised by single mother who will fail in his life. And vice versa. Because the measure of success is influenced by various variables, most of the variables from the child and the environment in which he grew up. So there is no guarantee once again for the success of the child or not depending on a complete family or not.

The success of the child is also not determined from where he goes to school. Because often negative assumptions come from single mothers who raise their own children because of the inability of single mothers to send their children to expensive schools.

Expensive or not school does not also guarantee children can be successful. It's just a variable of the many variables that also affect children.

Therefore, the successful sons of single mothers can happen even without the presence of the father's role. Because the father does not guarantee the child will be successful. Success is a measure that varies from person to person, and success is influenced by the child's own character. So how single mothers educate and raise their children is more important than thinking beyond less influential factors, such as schooling and lifestyle. It's just the words of people who have not been proven true.

Keep fighting single mothers, for the future of your children!

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